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Pro-Israeli US lawmakers urge bombing Syria air bases, arming militants, invasion


US Senator Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina  (file photo)
Press TV – April 29, 2013

Top US Republican lawmakers have again called for further American actions against Syria, including the bombing of its air bases, leading a multi-nation invasion of the country and sending lethal weapons to anti-Damascus militant gangs.

Fervently pro-Israeli Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina further cited widely challenged claims by the Israeli regime of chemical weapons use in Syria to urge swift Washington action to “secure” chemical arms arsenals in the Arab country in efforts to prevent al-Qaeda-linked militants from gaining access to such weapons, US press reports said on Sunday and Monday.

The two lawmakers, however, did not explain how American forces would secure the alleged cache of Syrian chemical weaponry.

Graham went as far as warning that if the US does not intervene in Syria the next terrorist bombing in American soil will include chemical agents.

“The chemical weapons (in Syria)… are going to be compromised and fall into wrong hands and the next bomb that goes off in America may not have nails and glasses in it,” said Graham during a televised interview with major US network CBS on Sunday.

The senior member of US Senate’s Armed Services Committee also expressed serious concerns about the potential fall of Jordan’s dictator King Abdullah II if Washington did not intervene quickly enough to stop the growing flow of Syrian refugees into his country.

Describing the Jordanian ruler as “a moderating influence and a good [US] ally,” Graham predicted that his regime will fall if the “flood” of Syrian refugees into Jordan continued.

He also predicted a US war with Iran if the Obama administration does not intervene in Syria on the grounds that Tehran would doubt Washington’s resolve in taking action against their nuclear energy program.

The American senator went on to urge the US military to “bomb Syrian air bases with cruise missiles in a bid to “neutralize” the government’s air advantage over the foreign-backed militant gangs and turn the “tide of battle pretty quickly” in favor of the anti-Damascus insurgents.

Moreover, Senator McCain said the US should move into Syria as part of an “international force” to secure the country’s chemical weapons, but did not elaborate on how such international military force would be established and which countries would be involved.

Syria has been faced with a foreign-sponsored armed insurgency since 2011. Thousands of people in the country, including a large number of security forces, have been killed in the unrest with many foreign nationals infiltrating the key Arab state in a bid to destabilize the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. This idiot is the Jews personal slut.

    Comment by Jack | April 29, 2013 | Reply

  2. Imperialism is what imperialism does. Invasion, occupation, mass murder and assassinations, looting, rape, and wanton destruction.

    The instigation of wars of aggression, irregardless of their bogus pretext to pass criminal resolutions is not new, but business as usual; the predictable criminal conspirators spewing their vile lies to be amplified in the capitalist-imperialist press run by Zionist propagandist as with the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and of course the constant disinformation coming out of the White House, and of course the lead singer for war, Barack Obama.

    Therefore, there we do NOT have a constitutional government; but an arrogant dictatorial regime that does not deserve any respect or cooperation from anyone with a grasp on what is going on and has been going on at least from the Mexican-American War, 165 years ago.

    ‘……. the new binational survey – produced for YouGov-Cambridge, the polling company’s academic thinktank – finds US voters opposed to the idea of supplying munitions by a 29-point margin: 45% against to 16% in favour…’

    ‘…… the British public emerges as even more strongly against: 57% oppose arming the rebels and 16% are in favour.

    ‘……In both the UK and the US, opposition to arming the rebels is marked on the right as well as the left of the political spectrum: 52% of American Republicans and 63% of British Conservatives are against supplying arms.

    ‘…… Any thought of sending western troops into Syria would also be badly received – especially in the UK. By a 32-point margin (55%-23%) Britons reject the idea of sending in UK and allied troops to protect civilians. The anti-intervention lead rises to 59 points (68%-9%) if the aim were “overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad”.

    ‘…… A decade on from the invasion of 2003, YouGov reaffirms the verdict of other pollsters and finds a rough two-to-one (53%-27%) balance of Britons saying that the war launched by George Bush and Tony Blair was wrong rather than right.

    ‘…… US opinion is more evenly divided, with those who believe the war was right holding a slim 41%-38% edge. And whereas in Britain, opposition is consistent across supporters of different parties, in the US the political divide is stark. Democrats judge the war a mistake by a 53%-23% margin, but Republicans remain even more convinced that it was right, splitting 72% to 12% in favour…….’

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | April 29, 2013 | Reply

    • The sad thing is that they don’t simply reject such notions categorically. They don’t oppose intervention they want to pick and choose which intervention, and if it’s promoted by “their” party (the one they were stupid enough to legitimize with their vote) they want to believe that it is good and right. And not even a thought about the victims or the economic harm, their righteous exceptionalism transcends real world effects.

      Fanatical religious zealots they may as well all be.

      Comment by aletho | April 29, 2013 | Reply

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