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9 Footballers Banned from Traveling to Occupied West Bank

IMEMC News & Agencies – July 28, 2016

Jamal Al-Khodari, Head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, has condemned an Israeli decision to prevent nine footballers from Gaza to cross into the West Bank to participate in a football competition.

“The Israeli occupation insisted to continue its siege against the Gaza Strip and its people. It targeted all life streams from Gazans including sport,” said Al-Khodari, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency.

The players were expected to participate in the final game in Palestine Championship against the Hebron team.

Al-Khodari called on the FIFA to protect the Palestinian sport from the continuous violations by Israelis, and to allow them to maintain their rights in having a normal life, as other peoples around the world.

The Israeli occupation targeted a number of playgrounds and sport facilities in the Gaza Strip, during the 2014 offensive.

Toronto Police Officer Gets 6 Years for Fatal Shooting of Teen

teleSUR | July 28, 2016

In a surprising decision, an Ontario court sentenced Toronto police Constable James Forcillo to six years in prison for the attempted murder of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim.

Forcillo fired a total of nine shots at Yatim in 2013 while the teenager was aboard a streetcar while high on ecstasy.

While convicted for attempted murder, Forcillo was found not guilty of second-degree murder.

On Thursday, Justice Edward Then ruled that the second round of shots fired by the officer, after the teen was paralyzed and dying on the ground, were “unnecessary, unreasonable, and excessive.”

The fatal shooting was captured on video and drew people to the streets in protest, just as outrage in the United States rose over the cases of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other instances of police brutality.

In a city where cops are rarely charged with murder, only seven, or have faced murder or manslaughter charges, Forcillo the first to be convicted in the last 25 years.

Nabil Yatim, Sammy Yatim’s father, believes that if police officers in the province of Ontario received more training on “how to use words instead of weapons,” his son would be alive today, the Toronto Star reported. … Full article

Neo-con West and global destruction

By Mark Taliano | American Herald tribune | July 28, 2016

New_Middle_East_5abe9The neo-con “West” and its allies want to destroy the Middle East so that they can control the Middle East.

Under the auspices of their imperial “New Middle East” project, the criminals (U.S–led NATO, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and Israel, are targeting everything that they falsely profess to cherish.

All of the “values” that the politicians falsely parade as important, even sacrosanct, are instrumentalized as false fronts that belie the dark undercurrents dragging humanity towards a barren “New World Order” of globalized degeneracy and despair.

Nation-state self-determination, sovereignty, territorial integrity – all vital components of world peace, prosperity, and democracy are meaningless to the elites, except for their propaganda value.

A meta-national project of top down control, enforced by anonymous elites, controls how we think, feel, and live.

This dystopian present has rendered political choices moot. Choices are non-choices, puppet shows sold by empty words and conflicting narratives — all bereft of substance.

The real agenda is unspeakable. The real agenda must be unspeakable, because it is poison, a dark distillate of degenerate barbarism, mostly hidden from view.

This real agenda, masked beneath the Big Lies, and the stories told by scripted “politicians”, bares its sanguine teeth, and imposes its dark will with barely a whimper. There are no “mistakes”.  It’s all by design. … continue

Fooling Most Of The People Most Of The Time Is What American Politics Are About, Even When It Comes To The Threat Of Nuclear War

By John Chuckman | Aletho News | July 28, 2016

I read a column recently, and it was imbued with hopeful thinking about America’s political establishment dealing with its constituents concerning the now increasing threat of nuclear catastrophe.

The author said the piece was intended as “Drano” to clear the political pipes, but I am afraid that much as I sometimes enjoy the same author’s pieces, this one for me had to be characterized as illusion. It may have a lot to do with the author not being a native of the United States, and I do think my background in that country and having studied its history removes any possibility of illusion ever seriously taking hold.

When did America’s establishment ever discuss, in elections or at other times, issues of war and peace for the people’s understanding and consent? … continue

A jolly bit of tender

Crimes Of Britain | July 28, 2016

Churchill has been chosen by the Bank of England’s to be the face on their new £5 note set to be in circulation from September 2016.

cocvlisxyaef1itThe Governor of the Bank of England stated “Our banknotes acknowledge the life and work of great Britons. Sir Winston Churchill was a truly great British leader, orator and writer. Above that, he remains a hero of the entire free world.  His energy, courage, eloquence, wit and public service are an inspiration to us all. I am proud to announce that he will appear on our next banknote”.

Churchill is fawned over in Britain. He was voted ‘Greatest Briton’ of all time in a poll run by the BBC in 2002. He is praised across the political spectrum, held up as the man who stopped Brits speaking German. When the truth is Churchill was never an opponent of fascism. He was a white supremacist who talked of the need of non-Anglo Saxons to “recognise the superiority of race”. In 1927 he praised Mussolini, “What a man! I have lost my heart!… Fascism has rendered a service to the entire world”. … continue

Homeland Terror

By Linh Dinh – July 27, 2016

Justifying the War on Terror, George Bush huffed, “We’re fighting them there, so we don’t have to fight them here.” Broke, gullible or crazed Americans must be sent overseas to combat Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, the Taliban and ISIS. Otherwise, endless terror would devastate the homeland.

Periodically, terror plots must be orchestrated by the FBI to keep domestic fear from flagging, however. Flags at half mast stiffen limp fighting spirit.

Though Washington makes a show of denying it, the War on Terror is understood by the media-drugged as a war against Muslims, Israel’s eternal enemy.

As this open-ended assault on Muslims generated millions of Muslim refugees, Benjamin Netanyahu declared in March of 2016, “A strong Israel prevents the passage of masses of refugees to Europe. The world would be different if we were not here.”

Bibi got the second part right. Israel is the prime reason why there are so many Muslim refugees, and this world would be much more peaceful if your terror state disappeared. As long as Israel exists, there will be Muslims massacred or fleeing in terror from their wrecked homes.

Neoconservatism birthed the War on Terror. Founded by Jews, this movement’s main aim is to conserve Israel, even if they have to wreck the entire Middle East, disfigure Europe and ruin the United States. … continue

Experts unite to say that it is an ‘abuse’ to invoke ‘self-defence’ in response to terrorism

MEMO | July 28, 2016

A collective open letter has been signed by many professors of international law and legal researchers. Entitled “A plea against the abusive invocation of self-defence as a response to terrorism” it has been circulating on the internet for a few weeks.

Among the signatories, of which there are more than 230 professors and almost 50 assistants/researchers (see the list available here as at 25 July; it is updated regularly by the Centre de Droit International de l´Université Libre de Bruxelles), there are distinguished members of the international law community as well younger practitioners. The objective of this collective initiative is to challenge the invocation of the legal argument of self-defence by several states in the context of the so called “war” against ISIS.

As is well known, the UN Charter has been extremely clear on the unique exception to the prohibition of the use of force since its adoption in 1945 — self-defence — and military operations authorised by Security Council under Chapter VII of the Charter. However, since 9/11, interpretations made by the United States and its allies have been made to give legal support for unilateral military operations in the territory of a state without the previous consent of its authorities. In a recent note published on the website of the European Journal of International Law (EJIL), we read that: “Particularly since 9/11, several States have supported a broad reading of the right to use force in self-defence, as allowing them to intervene militarily against terrorists whenever and wherever they may be. A consequence of that conception is that any State could be targeted irrespective of whether that State has ‘sent’ the irregular (in this case terrorist) group to carry out a military action or has been ‘substantially involved’ in such an action.” … continue

Civilian targets hit in fresh Saudi airstrikes in Yemen

Press TV – July 28, 2016

Saudi warplanes have carried out a series of fresh airstrikes against residential neighborhoods across Yemen, but there is no immediate report on possible casualties and extent of damage.

They fired several missiles at various areas in Razih district of the northwestern Sa’adah province on Thursday morning, the al-Ahed news website reported.

Saudi warplanes also launched several attacks against al-Dhaher district in the same province and two airstrikes against Kuhlan district of the northwestern Hajjah province.

The attacks came a day after five Saudi troops were killed when Yemeni army forces backed by fighters from Popular Committees mounted two separate attacks in retaliation against airstrikes. … Full article

The U.S. Tentacles Reach For Syrian Political Parties

By Afraa Dagher – Activist Post – July 27, 2016

On June 23, 2016, The Daily Star reported that the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party announced that it would hold a vote next month in order to choose a new leader after a party tribunal rejected the re-election of incumbent Asaad Hardan.

There is now a new movement inside the Syrian Socialist National Party (SSNP) which calls itself the Movement of July 8 which has worked to overthrow Hardan.

The opposition to the re-election of Assad Hardan has criticized him for his policy towards the leadership in Syria. In other words, he has been criticized for his support of Syria in its war for sovereignty and unity, an idea that is supposed to be a basic principle of the SSNP itself. … continue

Leaked EU report reveals indirect approval of colonial Israel

By Ramona Wadi | MEMO |July 27, 2016

746469887… The report is ambiguous in the extreme. “Some Palestinian perpetrators of individual attacks,” it explains, “have apparently been shot and killed in situations where they no longer pose a threat.” Despite Netanyahu himself publicly endorsing such extrajudicial killings, the EU has preferred to subjugate the facts to hypotheses through the use of terminology like “apparently”, “appeared” and “possibly amounting in certain cases to unlawful killings.” By not condemning such unlawful killing explicitly, the discourse suggests the EU’s tacit approval of Israeli state and settler violence. This is illustrated further in the report’s standard equivalence clause that “both sides” have indulged in “inflammatory rhetoric”, thus negating the fact that Palestinian resistance is a legitimate response to illegal Israeli colonial violence.

EU Foreign Relations chief Federica Mogherini has opposed the proposal that “known violent settlers and those calling for acts of violence” should be placed under EU visa bans. According to Mogherini: “There’s currently no question of sanctioning anybody. The question is rather how to motivate people to… restart peace talks.” Such leniency works in concordance with Israeli policy towards settler terrorists who are mostly shielded by the colonial state, enabling them to act with impunity. … Read full article

New Israeli tenders to build over 300 housing units in Jerusalem settlements

Palestinian Information Center – July 27, 2016

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM – The Israel land authority on Wednesday released tenders for the construction of 323 housing units in Occupied Jerusalem.

According to the new Israeli plan, 130 housing units will be built in Har Homa settlement on Mount Abu Gneim east of Jerusalem, 89 others in Gilo settlement south of Jerusalem, 68 in Pisgat Ze’ev and Neve Ya’akov settlements north of Jerusalem.

Israel’s public radio said that the release of these tenders are part of a government plan to provide affordable housing units for Jewish families.

The radio noted that these tenders had been published about two years ago, but the marketing plan failed at the time.

Similar projects for the building of hundreds of housing units in Jerusalem were announced by the Israeli government in recent weeks.

“They destroyed the houses, they destroyed our dreams”

International Solidarity Movement | July 28, 2016

Qalandia village, Occupied Palestine – Late Monday evening, Israeli forces entered the village of Qalandia with 15 bulldozers and around 150 soldiers. In the village the Israeli military destroyed 11 new built houses, attacking the residents of the village with stun grenades, tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and sponge bullets. 7 persons had to seek medical care for their injuries after the assaults from the military.

In 7 of the demolished houses, families had already moved in according to Yosef Awdalla, mayor of Qalandia. The demolition notices, claiming the houses had no permits, were left outside the houses on the ground only 24 hours before the army entered the village.

One of the homeowners, Fadi Awadallah describes how his friend was walking around the house the day before the demolitions, and found a piece of paper written in Hebrew on the ground. One hour after they had figured out what the document said and talked to their lawyer, the army was already entering the village to demolish their home. Fadi, who had applied and paid for an Israeli issued licence to build in area C, did not expect the demolition order since the Israeli authorities had accepted the money and the application. When he tried to explain this to the soldiers they answered him that “they were not there to talk, they were there to demolish the houses.”

The soldiers then pointed their guns to his head and told him that if he didn’t move away from the house they would shoot him.

“They didn’t deal with us as humans, they pushed us back with violence and force” says Fadi whose family had planned to move into their dream house the following week. … continue

Israeli police detain 52 Palestinians in Jerusalem in self-styled ‘700 campaign’

Ma’an – July 27, 2016

JERUSALEM – Israeli forces detained 52 Palestinians — including 11 minors — overnight Tuesday after raiding communities just south of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, amid a massive detention campaign targeting Palestinian youth in the area, a day after some 30 Palestinians families in East Jerusalem were left homeless by Israeli authorities-enforced home demolitions.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that Israeli police detained 52 Palestinians in the Silwan and Ras al-Amoud neighborhoods overnight. The campaign, she said, was called “the 700” because 700 Israeli police officers were involved in the crackdown.

She added that hundreds of Israeli police and border guard officers were joined by representatives of Israel’s national insurance institute and Jerusalem municipality officers. Locals reported at least one military helicopter circling over occupied East Jerusalem during the raids as backup. … Full article

Imprisoned Palestinian circus trainer joins hunger strike as prisoners come under attack by Israeli forces

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – July 27, 2016

abu-sakhaNew prisoners joined dozens of fellow Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails on collective hunger strike in solidarity with Bilal Kayed on Tuesday, 26 July, including Mohammed Abu Sakha, the Palestinian circus performer and trainer held without charge or trial under administrative detention whose case has drawn international support and solidarity from the artistic and circus community. […]

In addition, the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee announced that 50 more Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails would be joining the over 50 already on hunger strike, for a total of over 100 striking prisoners. Kayed, 34, has been on hunger strike since 15 June to demand his freedom from administrative detention without charge or trial. He was ordered to administrative detention upon the completion of his 14.5-year sentence in Israeli prison on 13 June 2016; his case is seen as threatening a precedent of indefinite imprisonment of Palestinian prisoners following the expiration of their sentences. He is currently shackled hand and foot to his hospital bed in Barzilai hospital, guarded at all times by three prison guards and under intense surveillance; he is unable to walk, has episodes of losing sight, experiences severe pain, and suffers dizziness and deep fatigue. He has consumed only water for the past 43 days.

The new hunger strikers announced their participation as the prison authority escalated raids, attacks, and transfers against prisoners protesting in solidarity with Kayed and fellow administrative detainees on hunger strike for freedom. … Full article

Israel announces new resettlement plan for Negev Bedouins

Ma’an – July 26, 2016

BETHLEHEM – Israeli authorities Monday announced the approval of plans to build a new township for Israel’s Bedouin community in the Negev desert, according to Israeli media, in a continuation of what rights groups have said is Israel’s discriminatory policy of forcibly transferring Bedouins to Israeli-zoned townships to make room for Jewish communities.

The planned township is expected to be built just south of Segev Shalom, another Bedouin township, and would transfer at least 7,000 Bedouins from the unrecognized village of Wadi al-Naam, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz. … continue

Syria grants amnesty to terrorists who lay down arms: Assad

Press TV – July 27, 2016

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the government will pardon militants who turn in their weapons, stressing that the policy has been exercised by Damascus since the beginning of the crisis in the Middle Eastern country.

“If they (terrorists) want to return to normal life and lay down arms, they will get amnesty… We have been doing this for… years I think. Let alone the country’s win in the war,” Assad told the Greek ITV channel on Wednesday as cited by the official SANA news agency.

Asked whether he intends to issue a general amnesty if the government wins the ongoing foreign-sponsored war on Syria, Assad said, “It is not about my victory…The most important thing is the victory of the Syrian people because it is a war waged against the Syrian people.”

Amnesty “is virtually in effect” and Damascus has offered it “as an option for terrorists” since the start of terrorist acts in Syria, the Syrian president added. … Full article

Trump Says Would Look Into Lifting Anti-Russia Sanctions

Sputnik — July 27, 2016

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would look into recognizing Crimea as the territory of the Russian Federation as well as into lifting sanctions against Moscow.

Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump gestures during the Republican Presidential Debate, hosted by CNN, at The Venetian Las Vegas on December 15, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Asked whether he would recognize Crimea as Russia’s territory and if he would consider lifting anti-Russian sanctions, Trump said, “We’ll be looking at that. Yeah, we’ll be looking.” … Full article

Putin to receive Erdogan in hometown

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | July 27, 2016

The developments in Turkey are taking a dramatic turn. All Indications are that the Turkish government is in possession of definite information that the attempted military coup was orchestrated by the United States. (Anadolu )

The Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag made an open allegation in a television interview,

  • The US knows that Fethullah Gülen (the cleric who lives in Pennsylvania) carried out this coup. Mr. Obama knows this just as well as he knows his own name. I am convinced that American intelligence knows it too.

Bozdag is known to be one of the closest and trusted political associates of President Recep Erdogan. The well-informed Turkish political commentator Semih Idiz wrote that “This belief (Bozdag’s allegation) goes all the way to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  It implies that Washington knew what was coming and did nothing to warn Ankara. The pro-government Islamist media has even claimed that the U.S. tried to kill Erdoğan with this coup attempt.” … continue

US Delivers 72 Surveillance Drones to Ukraine Wednesday

Sputnik — 27.07.2016

The United States has delivered 72 hand launched surveillance drones to Ukraine as part of a larger effort to help the nation enhance its defense capabilities, the US embassy in Kiev said in a press release on Wednesday.

“24 RQ-11B Raven Unmanned Aircraft Systems (comprised of 72 aircraft and associated equipment) arrived at Boryspil International Airport July 27,” the release said.

The drone systems delivered to Ukraine are used to transmit live video images and location data to ground control stations, the release explained.

“This capability can provide day or night aerial intelligence and enables operators to navigate, recognize terrain, and record information for analysis,” the embassy said.

Besides, several dozen Ukrainian soldiers have previously completed training needed to operate the system in the US state of Alabama, the release noted.

The Raven Unmanned Aircraft systems and training is part of a $600-million security assistance package the United States has provided to Ukraine since a civil conflict erupted in the country in 2014.

US Ready to Provide Additional Training Programs to Ukraine – Official

Sputnik — 26.07.2016

The United States is prepared to provide supplementary training to Ukrainian forces in addition to the existing extensive training programs, US Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James stated at a Defense One forum on Tuesday.

James noted that Ukrainian officials are “very full of hope” that the United States will continue supporting them. Since 2014, the United States has provided $600 million in non-lethal security assistance to Ukraine, though many lawmakers have pressed the White House to provide lethal arms to Kiev.

“We had discussions about additional types of training that we might be able to provide to them, and of course we have extensive training programs in the air force,” James said of recent talks with the Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister.

In mid-July, James visited eight countries in eastern Europe, including a stop in Ukraine to discuss ongoing US assistance. During her trip, James also met with her counterparts in Bulgaria, as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, where the United States is part of the Baltic air policing mission. … Full article

‘Unprecedented’: European govts sold $1.3bn in arms to Middle East, some ended up with ISIS – report

RT | July 27, 2016

Governments of Central and Eastern European countries have been selling an “unprecedented” amount of weapons and ammunition to the Middle East in recent years, fueling armed conflicts in the troubled region, a new report claims.

According to the findings by a team of reporters from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a group of European countries led by Croatia and the Czech Republic have been channeling their arms to the region since 2012.

Since then, they have gained over US$1 billion from such sales, despite some of the weapons ending up in the hands of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists, according to the report, which was published earlier on Wednesday.

The report, titled ‘Making a Killing: The 1.2 Billion Euros Arms Pipeline to Middle East,’ is the result of a year-long investigation.

It reveals “for the first time” that dozens of airplanes have been taking off from airfields in Eastern Europe, carrying deadly cargo “to Middle Eastern states and Turkey which, in turn, funneled arms into brutal civil wars in Syria and Yemen.”

Governments of the selling countries have been well aware of where their exports are ending up, the report claims.

“Arms export licenses, which are supposed to guarantee the final destination of the goods, have been granted despite ample evidence that weapons are being diverted to Syrian and other armed groups accused of widespread human rights abuses and atrocities,” the report states, adding that experts who reviewed the evidence collected during the investigation agreed the trade was “almost certainly illegal.” … Full article

UK licensed £3.3bn in arms to Saudi in first 12 months of Yemen bombing – NGO

RT | July 27, 2016

Britain licensed billions in arms sales to its theocratic ally Saudi Arabia in the first year of the war in Yemen despite concerns over civilian deaths, according to Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT).

Drawing on newly released figures from the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) department, CAAT argues that despite repeated warnings between April 2015 and March 2016, the government has done nothing to stop the trade.

The organization calculates that exports to the Saudi regime include £2.2 billion ($2.9 billion) of ‘ML10’ licences for military aircraft, £1.1 billion of ‘ML4’ licences for munitions such as missiles and bombs and a further £430,000 of ‘ML6’ licences for armored vehicles including tanks.

CAAT maintains that up to 6,000 people have died in Yemen with up to 80 percent of the population now in need of aid. … Full article

4,400 dialysis patients face looming death in Yemen: Doctors Without Borders

Press TV – July 26, 2016

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has warned that Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen has brought the country’s dialysis treatment centers to a breaking point.

On Tuesday, the international medical organization warned that some 4,400 people are in danger of renal failure due to lack of supplies in medical centers.

Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression against Yemen on March 26, 2015, in a bid to bring Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi — who had resigned as Yemen’s president — back to power.

Since the beginning of the Saudi onslaught doctors have been struggling to procure medical provisions, especially those required for dialysis sessions. But, the Saudi war and import bans have heavily restricted the country’s health system.

“People with renal failure are at a critical moment as there is a lack of essential medical supplies in the country,” said William Turner, the MSF head of mission in Yemen. … Full article

NATO’s War on Russia: Someone Is Playing Us

By Christopher Black – New Eastern Outlook – 27.07.2016

… things get even more curious as the FBI states it is investigating whether emails “leaked” by Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks organisation, were provided to him by Russia after Russia hacked into the email system of the Democratic National Convention. The Russians deny this absurd charge but so far I have not seen Julian Assange deny that they are his source and we must wonder what his true motivations are if the effect of his “leak” is to have Russia accused of hacking into US government and political party email systems thereby supporting the NATO propaganda against Russia.

It also begs the question as to why Assange would get involved in American party politics at all by publishing emails that would supposedly damage the Clinton campaign for the benefit of the Trump campaign. Is he working for Trump? Is he working for Clinton trying to make it look like Trump works for Russia, or, as is more likely, is he working for those who want to bring down both Trump and Russia? Andrew Rosenthal for the Times, quipped, “it’s eerie, at best, that Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks chose this moment to release the stolen emails…”

But it is not so “eerie” if the exercise is meant to smear Russia and a candidate for President who is willing to at least talk with the Russians. Perhaps his supporters can ask him and report back what his answer is because his actions raise serious questions as to his motivations, his intentions, and his connections. Someone is playing us. It’s about time we found out who. – Read full article

Did Russian Intelligence Hack the DNC Servers?

By Peter Van Buren | We Meant Well | July 26, 2016

Short answer: nobody knows, but the media is treating it as a fact based primarily on a single technical source employed by the Democratic National Committee. I read the source’s publically available explanation. Here’s what I found. … continue

Owen Jones: vote for Hillary because when she’s POTUS we can ask her nice to be progressive

By Catte | OffGuardian | July 26, 2016

Owen Jones – one time darling of the liberal Left, is now, officially, endorsing Hillary Clinton.

True, they changed the headline shortly after publication. It originally read “The Sanders movement is bigger than Bernie. Now it must work with Hillary” But someone snuck in with the scissors and paste and now the headline reads “The Sanders movement is bigger than Bernie. Now it must defeat Trump”.

But even if this might make Jones and his supporters feel a tad less queasy, it changes nothing. No matter how many sophisms and evasions are employed to try and make it seem he’s still standing by his principles even while he’s openly flouting all of them, Jones, who last year was defending Corbyn, is now endorsing Hillary “I will obliterate Iran” Clinton.

But you see Owen wants us to understand that Clinton isn’t Trump. And being not-Trump is always better than being Trump. … continue

Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray church massacre and the Israeli State

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin | July 26, 2016

“Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him?” – St. Stephen.

The terrorist attack today on a church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray where a Catholic priest was murdered and several hostages taken and killed, is part of the ‘Islamic State’s (Da’esh) attempt to spread their war on ‘Western civilisation’ from the metropolis to the provincial town. This now generalises the heightened fear experienced by the French public in the wake of the Nice attack. … continue

Will the 9/11 Defendants Ever Get a Fair Trial?

By Sarah Mehta | ACLU | July 26, 2016

I spent last week in Guantánamo Bay, where I was supposed to be observing four days of pre-trial hearings in the military commission prosecution of the 9/11 defendants. But as is so often the case, on three of those days, the hearings were closed. On the single day of open hearings, the proceeding focused on the government’s destruction of key evidence in the case. This past weekend, defense lawyers confirmed that the evidence concerns a secret CIA black site abroad where the defendants and others were severely tortured.

Almost 15 years have passed since the attacks of 9/11, and yet the Guantánamo military commissions are still muddling through pre-trial motions, with virtually the same confusion and lack of transparency that has characterized these proceedings for years. The dichotomy between the importance of the proceedings and their virtual absence from public discourse is astonishing. … continue

Over 55k Americans injured, killed by US police in just 1 yr – study

RT | July 27, 2016

More than 55,000 Americans were either killed or injured by US police in just one year, a new study has revealed. Most of the deaths were from fatal firearm wounds or excessive use of taser devices.

The study, titled ‘Perils of police action: a cautionary tale from US data sets,’ covers the year 2012 and offers greater context to the issue of police brutality, which has only grown bigger in the four years since the research.

Published in the peer-reviewed British medical journal Injury Prevention, the study found that a total of 55,400 people were victims of police officers’ “abuse of power” or “loss of control out of anger or fear” in 2012.

Among them, 1,063 people were either shot or tasered to death by law enforcement, out of an estimated 12.3 million arrests or stop-and-search incidents. … Full article

Palestinian accused of Hebron shooting killed after Israeli forces bombard house

Ma’an – July 27, 2016

388753CHEBRON – Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man and injured five others in the village of Surif north of Hebron overnight Tuesday, after Israeli soldiers bombarded and destroyed a house he was fortified in, with the Israeli army saying the man was responsible for a deadly drive-by shooting on July 1.

Spokesperson for the Israeli army Avichay Adraee said in a statement in Arabic that Israeli troops exchanged fire with Muhammad Faqih after surrounding the house.

The Israeli soldiers, he said, fired several anti-tank missiles at the house after the “terrorist” started to return fire. A bulldozer from the Israeli army’s engineering corps then demolished the house before Faqih was killed.

It remained unclear by what means Israeli forces ultimately killed Faqih.

Eyewitnesses told Ma’an they saw the body of Faqih in the bucket of an Israeli army bulldozer that pulled him out of the rubble. … Full article

Israeli forces open fire on Gazan fishermen, detain 2

Ma’an – July 27, 2016

GAZA – Israeli forces Wednesday morning opened fire on Palestinian fisherman off the coast of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip and detained two Palestinians, according to Gaza-based rights groups.

The two detained were identified by the groups as Mohammad Yasin Zayed and Tariq Abdalbari Alsultan. The groups added that their fishing boats were confiscated by Israeli forces and transported to an unknown location.

The two were reportedly detained after Israeli forces opened fire on them. … Full article

More than 1,110 Palestinian homes demolished by Israel in West Bank since 2006

MEMO | July 27, 2016

The number of Palestinian homes in the West Bank demolished by Israel during just the first half of 2016 is greater than the number of homes demolished almost every year over the last decade.

The data, published by Israeli NGO B’Tselem ahead of a Knesset conference on demolitions in so-called ‘Area C’ of the West Bank, shows that from January to end of June, Israeli occupation authorities demolished 168 homes, leaving 740 Palestinians homeless – 384 of them children.

By comparison, the equivalent figure for all of 2015 was 125 homes demolished, and 496 displaced.

From the beginning of 2006 to June 30, 2016, Israel has demolished more than 1,110 homes of Palestinians in the West Bank, not including Occupied East Jerusalem, displacing at least 5,199 residents, including 2,602 children. (For full statistics see here). … Full article

Washington to fight cyber-attacks with sanctions

RT | July 26, 2016

Saying that the US is “in the midst of a revolution of the cyber threat,” the White House has issued a directive establishing new guidelines for the government in case of “significant cyber incidents,” stressing that “no tool is off the table.”

The new instruction authorized by US President Barack Obama tasks several federal agencies with dealing with both cyber incidents and their aftermath. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “will take the lead in coordinating the response to the immediate threat,” White House counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco said on Tuesday, while announcing the new measures at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York.

Comparing cyber-attacks to “terrorism cases,” the US official stated “This includes bringing the full range of law enforcement and national security investigative tools to bear,” while stressing that “No tool is off the table.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been tasked to help businesses recover from cyber incidents by providing technical assistance and supplying “additional federal resources to aid recovery.”

The directive, which also classifies the severity of cyber-attacks on a five-point scale, uses “the same analysis that guides our military, intelligence, law enforcement, or operations elsewhere – in air, land, sea, or space,” Monaco claimed, saying that over the past years “the rate of cyber intrusions and attacks has accelerated dramatically.”

While officials said they will “continue to use law enforcement tools,” the White House announced that the “power of sanction” will also be applied against international cyber abusers, citing its previous measures against North Korea, which it blamed for a massive attack on Sony Pictures. Pyongyang denied any involvement. … continue

Why is Vladimir Putin being dragged into the US presidential election?

The Spectacle of Sanders in Philadelphia As Hillary Puppet

By Stephen Lendman | July 26, 2016

Sanders didn’t just fall from grace. He crashed, burned and resoundingly proved politicians can never be trusted.

Nothing they say is credible. For months, supporters believed he was the anti-Clinton, campaigning against what she represents – an agenda of endless wars of aggression, world peace at risk, neoliberal harshness, police state terror, the worst of all possible worlds.

She’s the most recklessly dangerous choice for president in US history, the most wicked, the most legally, ethically and morally challenged.

In mid-July, Sanders sold out, betrayed his loyal supporters, proved himself just another self-serving dirty politician by endorsing Clinton, embarrassing himself in the process.

On day one of the Democrat War Party convention, he again made a spectacle of himself before a nationwide audience – assuming the role of Clinton puppet, relegating himself to irrelevance.

He touted a “political revolution” the whole world knows is fake. His populist rhetoric resoundingly rang hollow. … continue

With DNC Leaks, Former ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Now True––and No Big Deal

By Adam Johnson | FAIR | July 24, 2016

For months, Bernie Sanders supporters and surrogates have complained about unfair treatment from the Democratic National Committee—only to have these concerns dismissed by media observers as petulance and conspiracy-mongering…

… what was once dismissed out of hand—that the DNC was actively working against the Sanders campaign—is now obviously true, but not a big deal. … Read full article

Whether Or Not Russians Hacked DNC Means Nothing Concerning How Newsworthy The Details Are

By Mike Masnick | TechDirt | July 25, 2016

As you almost certainly know by now, on Friday Wikileaks released a bunch of hacked DNC emails just before the Democratic Presidential convention kicked off. While Wikileaks hasn’t quite said where it got the emails, speculation among many quickly pointed to Russian state sponsored hackers. That’s because of the revelation last month of two sets of hackers breaching the DNC’s computer system and swiping (at the very least) opposition research on Donald Trump. Various cybersecurity research firms, starting with CrowdStrike, which was hired by the DNC to investigate, pointed the finger at the Russians.

Of course, whether or not you believe that may depend on how credible you find the big cybersecurity firms like CrowdStrike, FireEye and Mandiant (the big names that always pop up in situations like this). For what it’s worth, these guys have something of a vested interest in playing up the threat of big hacks from nation-state level hackers. For a good analysis of why this finger-pointing may be less than credible, I recommend two articles by Jeffrey Carr, one noting that these firms come from a history of “faith-based attribution” whereby they are never held accountable for being wrong — and another highlighting serious questions about the designation of Russia as being responsible for this particular hack (he notes that some of the research appeared to come pre-arrived at that conclusion, and then ignored any evidence to the contrary). … continue

Clinton, Wasserman Schultz and the Wheezing Corpse of the Democratic Process Revealed

Ted Cruz has more balls than Bernie Sanders

By Peter Van Buren | We Meant Well | July 25, 2016

Wikileaks over the last few days dumped tens of thousands of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server.

The disclosures of dirty tricks directed against Bernie Sanders contained in those emails are startling, and only add to the whirlpool of corruption and sleaze surrounding Hillary Clinton and the wheezing corpse of the democratic process.

There’s a lot to unpack here… continue

Why Sarah Silverman is a Comedian

By Sam Husseini | July 26, 2016

In remarks from the Democratic National Convention stage applauded by big media, Sarah Silverman lauded the Democratic Party primary process as “exemplary”.

I guess that’s why she’s a comedian.

Perhaps she doesn’t know who Debbie Wasserman Schultz is. Perhaps she doesn’t know that Schultz just resigned as head of the Democratic National Committee after the release by WikiLeaks of DNC internal emails showing evidence of them conspiring against Sanders. Of course, Schultz was then immediately named “honorary chair” of the Clinton campaign. Schultz as “honorary” anything — now that’s funny. … continue

Trump and the End of NATO?

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 26.07.2016

If Donald Trump is elected US president it will spell the end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. At least, that’s how a phalanx of US foreign policy pundits and establishment figures see it. Trump once again caused uproar recently with comments that were viewed as undermining a «cornerstone» of US foreign policy since the Second World War.

Ahead of accepting official nomination as the Republican party presidential candidate, the billionaire property magnate told the New York Times in an interview that, if elected, he would not automatically deploy American military forces to defend another member of NATO if it were attacked.

As the NYT noted Trump’s conditionality regarding NATO was the first time any senior American politician has uttered such a radical change in policy. It overturns «American cornerstone policy of the past 70 years». … continue

Saudi, Israeli projects of Iranophobia falling flat: Zarif

Press TV – July 26, 2016

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says projects by the Israeli and Saudi Arabian regimes to portray Iran as a threat to the world have been falling flat over the past years.

Speaking to a group of Iranian expatriates in the Ghanaian capital city of Accra on Monday evening, Zarif said Tel Aviv and Riyadh, “two like-minded regimes,” are investing heavily in Iranophobia to draw attention away from their crimes and their collaborations.

“It is obvious that the cooperation of the Zionist regime (Israel) and the Saudi regime, which are two like-minded and congruent regimes, has today become known and can no more be concealed,” Zarif said.

He said the two regimes are concerned about their collaboration having become publicly known and are thus “investing further in Iranophobia” as a means of distraction.

He said, however, that, “The world has today waken up to the fact that the danger of Wahhabism is the real threat.” … continue


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