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Barak gives his marching orders

Press TV – February 23, 2010

After failing to win support in Russia for tough sanctions against Iran, Israel turns to its closest ally, the United States, for a backup plan to curb Tehran’s enrichment program.

On Tuesday, the Israeli military radio reported that Defense Minister Ehud Barak will be travelling to Washington to share his concerns over Iran’s refusal to stop its nuclear activities.

Barak will meet several US officials during his five-day tour, including US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Middle East ‘peace’ envoy George Mitchell. He is also scheduled to meet the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York.

As part of a last-ditch effort to obstruct Iran’s nuclear program, Israel has sought to send high-ranking delegations to a number of countries, particularly Russia and China, to rally support for punitive measures against the Tehran government.

In Russia, Israeli efforts have achieved little with Kremlin officials declaring that it is much too soon to consider stringent measures against Iran. This has not stopped Tel Aviv’s effort to call for international sanctions against Iran. On the contrary, it has prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go as far as demanding that the UN Security Council should be sidestepped if it cannot agree to more sanctions against Tehran.

“We must prohibit Iranian oil exports and imports to Iran of refined oil products. No other sanctions will be effective,” Netanyahu said in Jerusalem (Al-Quds) at a meeting of delegates from the Jewish Agency, an organization that encourages Jewish immigration to Israel.

Such daring rhetoric by the Tel Aviv regime comes in light of the wide belief that Israel is in possession of over 200 nuclear warheads. Additionally, Israel has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and is not a member of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Despite its refusal to join any international atomic regulatory agency, Israel has been the most vocal in calling for international sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran for its IAEA-monitored nuclear program.

“We have arrived at a point where the international community has to decide if it seriously plans to stop Iran’s nuclear program,” the Israeli premier added.

This comes as the UN nuclear watchdog released a new report on Tehran’s enrichment program, criticizing Iran for a range of issues, but verifying the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in the country at the same time.

Iran says that is a signatory of the NPT and, unlike Israel, neither believes in atomic weapons nor, as a matter of religious principle, does it intend to access such weapons of mass-destruction. Tehran has also repeatedly called for the elimination of all nuclear arms throughout the globe.


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  1. If the Zionist Entity really believes that the rest of the world must be total fools think again. They are just tired about the Holocaust story being pushed down their throats or labeled anti-Semitic when Israel does not agree with something. Every country in the World knows that Israel since its creation in 1948 is an obstacle to Peace and will remain so until Zionism is crushed.

    Comment by B. Benhamid | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  2. Nobody slaped Israel in the past for attacking not one but two nuclear reactors ( Iraqis and Syrian ) .
    What changed since , even more nations in debt , more control from who owns the IMF , the Federal Reserve , Israel , Canada , USA , New Zeeland , Australia , parts of Europe . You want more credit , than shut-up when Iran will be bombed , that`s the actual global policy .
    As long as the Goyam will be goyam , there will be no change , just as was the case of the previous two strikes .

    See real solution at

    But if you ever heard of the Rothschilds , you are a step ahead of understanding why all the bad things in this world appear to be so `well coordinated ` … But than , with Russia having the best chess players in the world you Can expect the scenario below :

    Could History be this simple :

    It was probably a board meeting that Putin was attending .
    There , someone wanted to make a point about how sure or guaranteed something was , and that person said ‘ … as guaranteed as Israel striking a nuclear reactor ‘ . Putin raised his head and smiled at the idea he just got , so he said it aloud :

    ‘ OK , in that case , how about talkin’ the Iranians in building one … Ya , that will give a headache to Israelis who would be forced to start planing and eventually striking it ‘enjoying’ the international fall-out , the money we’ll make from building the reactor , the Russian spies we’ll be able to infiltrate , the practise of the engineers and technician building the reactor , the Scare to Israel when Russia will offer to Iran the S-300 SAMs and the bargaining chip that it can become ( hold true today by Russia declining the delivery to Iran ), the climb in oil prices following the strike which is bliss for Russia , and the icing ? There will be no Muslim Iranians with nukes ( thanks heavens the Pakis and Indians are split and forever separated by religion , LOL ) ‘ . Putin seeped some coffee and from than on was history as the final chapter will be the strike of Iran on Purim day , Feb. 28 , 2010 . The only variable is if the smart Iranians will delay ( and delay ) the installation of the radioactive roads in the nuclear reactor , and save them …

    Sure , some nukes may stray on top of the Iranian oil pipelines and port installations setting Iran back into the stone age , but heck , that’s war … what is good for ? Money ! And the Rothchild dominance .

    See real Solution at

    Comment by Doru | February 24, 2010 | Reply

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