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Son of PA official detained while father abroad

Ma’an – 27/07/2010

Qalqiliya – Israeli forces raided the house of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Undersecretary Ma’rouf Zahran in Qalqiliya on Monday morning, detaining his 18-year-old son, family members said.

The undersecretary was not at home during the raid and remains abroad on an official visit to Turkey. Two of his children and sister were in the home, however, with daughter Hadil telling Ma’an that 25 soldiers entered the house at 4 a.m.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said one arrest was made in Qalqiliya overnight. The individual was taken for questioning, she said.

Hadil said her brother Adam was not questioned at the home, but detained and taken along with some of the papers from the building, which she said was thoroughly searched.

During the search, Hadil said, she, her aunt, and her brother were taken into one room and were not asked any questions as soldiers searched the home. Afterwards, soldiers took her brother, she said.

July 27, 2010 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Illegal Occupation, Subjugation - Torture

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  1. “Strange” that one government is arresting people of another government… without the international community, as well as the international diplomatic corps, does not stand up in full protest!

    But then…… when the state of Israel is involved… it doesn’t matter if the son of a member of a foreign government is arrested without explanation or not….

    One wonders what would happen if the son of the under-secretary of a USA-department would be arrested by another government… perhaps we should try arresting the son of whatever USA-departmental undersecretary when visiting the Netherlands, or the son of a Israelian undersecretary, searching for a joint in Amsterdam…..
    Probably the whole Israelian diplomatic corps would be up in full arms, and a complete diplomatic scandal should be dealth with…….

    As far as I know the direct members of the family of a government member is enjoying diplomatic immunity…….. and can not be arrested by any foreign government……

    But then.. the Israelian government is occupying government, and thus there obviously is no standard to follow… as there were no standards to follow in South Africa when there was apartheid……

    Comment by Adrian Masters | July 27, 2010

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