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Ken Loach, Arundhati Roy and Mairead Maguire read from Goldstone Report

sanjeevsemail | September 04, 2010

Pulse media:

Goldstone Facts has produced clips of Ken Loach, Arundhati Roy and Mairead Maguire reading from the Goldstone Report which was defamed by supporters of Israel’s 2008-09 war on Gaza and mostly forgotten by everyone else. Meanwhile the people of Gaza, and Gaza’s children in particular (almost half of Gaza’s population is under the age of 15), continue to suffer under Israel’s continued illegal siege. (Catch Roy and Maguire after the jump).

September 13, 2010 - Posted by | Deception, Timeless or most popular, Video, War Crimes


  1. Evil doers …Israeli zionists…cockroaches of the world
    The welfare,pariah state.
    They are the culprit for instability around the world
    with the help from United States ….
    We must unite in the name of peace and solidarity against
    this evil empire ….or God knows which country will be next.

    Comment by chencho | September 13, 2010

    • hey Chencho,

      when you say “They are the culprit for instability around the world”, does it include the inter arab killings between shia and sunnis in Iraq? Does it include the gassing of the Kurds by Saddam? The mass killings of Sunnis in Haleb by Assad the elder? The bombing of civilians by the Saudis in Yemen? The oppression of the Kuds in Turkey?

      Perhaps you can answer, perhaps you just have to stop making false statements blinded by hatred and jealousy to the tiny state where Arabs live better than anywhere else (as measured by average income per capita) except a few oil sheikhdoms. And while at it, check if were not, inadvertently, sending your hateful posts using Intel Pentium or newer chips, all of whom were designed in Haifa and produced in Kiriat-Gat in Israel, the red-cloth to your mind.

      Comment by asherpat | September 14, 2010

      • asherpat,

        Have you ever heard of false flag terror?

        Under occupation, could you imagine Ashkenazis and Sephardim being manipulated by such a tactic?

        Your perspective is steeped in ignorance and oozes with supremacist filth, such as your pride in Intel Pentium chips.


        Comment by aletho | September 14, 2010

        • Aletho,

          my perspective is not steeped with ignorance. I highlighted a wrong statement by Chebcho. Any rational person will find this statement wrong, even if they despise Israel, wont you agree that it is wrong logically?

          Comment by asherpat | September 14, 2010

          • asherpat,

            The only “wrong statement” I find in chencho’s comment is “Israeli zionists…cockroaches of the world”.

            I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with the history of false flag terror. You can start by studying the articles aggregated in the false flag terror category at Aletho News.

            Comment by aletho | September 15, 2010

      • military attacks and terrorist attacks on the surface of the Earth are caused by world Zionism, through NATO, GRU, CIA, Mossad, SAS, FSB-KGB, DST, MAD, Cesis and others, economic and political destabilization for Colonization HEBREW worldwide. No need to look elsewhere.
        And if Israel was independently productive and dynamic it would not be the leech state it is. The US needs to unload the unnecessary foreign baggage. Who cares how.

        Comment by Genie | December 21, 2010

  2. asherpat, Its called False Flag Terror, But you wouldnt know. Since you cant question it. Keep in mind this is the new millinium, and theres independent news sources to give us a clearer picture of the assumption.

    Comment by Peter | September 14, 2010

    • It’s called FALSE STATEMENT, and you build some faux-pas philosophic theories to justify the illogical, but you wouldn’t want to know.

      Comment by asherpat | September 15, 2010

  3. Jews will burn in hell, it’s the promise.
    So why bother them?
    wait the change. I think within 10 years, but I might be wrong. 5 Years, and their masters are finished!

    Comment by Arne | September 15, 2010

  4. Sorry I forgot to give the photographer a warm thank you…

    Comment by Arne | September 15, 2010

  5. PS. The ameriKKKans are their masters. Jews will go with them trough the drain. I heard one British boy wrote a rather offensive letter to ameriKKKan leader Obama. He is lifetime expelled from entering U$kkk.
    I say Obamakkk is the strawberry on top of Fascism.
    The truth has to be told, it’s the future of internet.
    Thank You.

    Comment by Arne | September 15, 2010

  6. aMeriKKKans…will burn in hell eternally.
    They lost every war, last 100 years.
    aMeriKKKans started war over 100 times in 100 years.
    They will be slaughtered with the axe or by bankruption.
    I hate aMeriKKKans but I also hate to slaughter aMeriKKans.
    Sometimes you have no choice.
    I would rather see a REVOLUTION against the CAPITALISTS.

    Comment by Arne | September 15, 2010

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