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Release of the ‘Dancing Israelis’, Coincidence or Blackmail?

A Few Days after AA Flight 587 Crash: Government Covered Up Likely Sabotage and Released Mossad Agents Arrested on 9/11

By Doug Steil | Aletho News | November 16, 2010

By now, after nine years, anyone who has seriously looked into the circumstances surrounding 9/11 has read about the so-called “five dancing Israelis“, who, according to reports, had set up across the Hudson River “to document the event” (in their own words) in Manhattan, even before the crash of the first airplane coming from the north into the World Trade Center tower.

These “dancing Israelis”, as we can all surmise, were Mossad operatives, who were involved in operational aspects of the Zionist attack on lower Manhattan that fateful day, September 11, 2001. Two additional “suspects”, who were surely also part of the same Israeli operational team, were arrested on the approach to the George Washington Bridge, and, as was reported live that evening on the televised News (before this aspect to the story was buried), their van was laden with tons of explosives. (Though media reports may not have explicitly identified the people in the vans with explosives as Israeli, there should be little doubt that they were all part of the same team.)

There are two important aspects in conjunction with the 9/11 event in New York that have been virtually ignored even in the alternative media, which deserve closer scrutiny. One point involves the possible large-scale catastrophe that may have been induced by these operatives with explosives if they had not been apprehended as their van was about to drive onto the George Washington Bridge. The second aspect concerns the suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash of Flight 587, on November 12, 2001, more than nine years ago, in conjunction with the inexplicable release, just a few days later, of the “dancing Israelis” and other agents who had been involved in the 9/11 operation, including those who may have been on their way to blow up the George Washington Bridge.

By stalling the van at the middle of the bridge and getting away in time, a directed high-power explosion at that spot along the side might certainly have done some serious damage to a section of this bridge, given the dual cables per side, each slightly less than 36 inches in diameter. Most likely a truck explosion in itself would not have ripped both cables. But then, perhaps such a truck explosion was merely meant to serve as a low-tech trigger to provide an explanation to the public, for why both cables on one side could have ripped – which itself would have been achieved by detonating a prepared coat of micro-thermite around the cables, just as the WTC towers were detonated by micro-thermite placed at crucial points along the structure weeks in advance, though the Government unconvincingly blamed structural failure caused by impacting airplanes and resulting fires. In light of what is known about the explosive thermite at the three WTC towers that were imploded into their footprint, it is not implausible, that the George Washington Bridge was also targeted for destruction that day, but this aspect of the operation was completely botched due to the van being intercepted. Just a few months earlier, in May, modifications to the George Washingtom Bridge were completed. Who would have ever noticed if coatings of micro-thermite were being applied during this renovation project? Below are some quotes from NYRoads:

The project involved the rehabilitation of girders, columns, bridge decks, drainage and electrical systems, and roadway surfaces. New roadway expansion joints, guardrails, crash barriers, signs and lighting were also installed. The $38 million project was completed in May 2001.

Some pertinent questions arise in this context. Might some “follow-up work” of minor scope have been performed after the reported May completion date, shortly before 9/11, under the guise that something had not initially been done properly and thus needed to be corrected? What companies were involved in that multi-million dollar contract, and which companies were involved in the subsequent project, which would have removed any traces of micro-thermite coating that, according to this presumptive scenario, was applied more than nine years ago?

In 2002, the Port Authority began work to repaint the 604-foot-tall towers and the underside of the upper deck. Workers are removing older coats of lead-based paint, and are applying a three-coat paint system that includes a zinc primer, epoxy intermediate coat and a urethane topcoat. The $85 million project was completed in 2006.

Some investigative scrutiny of this previously neglected topic could certainly help in putting more pieces of the puzzle together, regarding what appears to have been planned as a spectacular and explosive encore on that ‘Demolition Day’, featuring live helicopter video of a major suspension bridge falling into the Hudson River, with only its two towers remaining. If one assumes that these putative Israeli suspects, disguised in Arab clothing, were prevented by their arrest at the on-ramp to the bridge from perpetrating a major crime – this would subsequently have impacted millions of people who commute between New Jersey and Manhattan – one can understand that it would take substantial pressure to get them released from custody. And we know from numerous reports, that they were all released just before Thanksgiving.

But why were these Isareli operatives ever released given their involvement? According to a report written by Christopher Ketcham, the Ha’aretz newspaper claimed that high-level Zionists in America were actively involved in obtaining their release:

Following what ABC News reported were “high-level negotiations between Israeli and U.S. government officials”, a settlement was reached in the case of the five Urban Moving Systems suspects. Intense political pressure apparently had been brought to bear. The reputable Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that by the last week of October 2001, some six weeks after the men had been detained, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and two unidentified “prominent New York congressmen” were lobbying heavily for their release. According to a source at ABC News close to the 20/20 report, high-profile criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz also stepped in as a negotiator on behalf of the men to smooth out differences with the U.S. government.

These high-level efforts may not have been sufficient, given that these captured agents were certainly involved in more than event documentation or simply driving moving vans. Perhaps a bit more high-level pressure was required to get these people ‘moving’ again. In this context, an interesting aspect that has not been widely reported is the fact that, just a week before their eventual release, American Airlines Flight 587 crashed after takeoff from Kennedy Airport in Queens. Though it was not widely reported – on the contrary, it appears that once again there was a big cover-up in this matter – the likely cause, according to a credible expert, was sabotage:

Expert Marshall Smith opined, “A single point failure, the in-flight actuation of the left engine thrust reverser, can account for all three observed phenomena of the clean breaking off of the tail and the failure of both pylons holding the engines.”

The mechanical engineer, aviation ground school instructor and former NASA adviser painted this scenario: During the night, a terrorist saboteur disguised as a ground crew mechanic reached up in the back of the left jet engine of the American Airlines Airbus and cut the hydraulic line going to the thrust reverser actuator and the control safety sensor lines.

Knowing the conventional path that the airliner would fly upon takeoff from Kennedy Airport on its course to Santo Domingo in the Caribbean Sea, the saboteurs could be almost certain that the plane would eventually crash into the water, thus making recovery of evidence and probable cause analysis more difficult, along with the minimized possibility of any inconvenient revelations possibly leaking out to the public. As it turned out, the jet crashed onto the narrow land strip, in a neighborhood in Rockaway Park, (“the Irish Riviera“).

Let us look at the timeline of the week long period between the crash of AA587 and the release of the Israeli agents a few days later. Flight 587 crashed on Veteran’s Day, Monday November 12, 2001. According to reports, the Mossad agents were released after “71 days” in custody. Anyone can easily verify the accuracy of the timeline implied by the headline, which indicates the week long period between the crash and the release of the agents: Assuming that September 11 already counts as a day, that yields 20 days in September, 31 days in October and 20 days in November (the last day presumably not a full day), thus Tuesday, November 20. The decision to release them must have come on the day before, Monday, November 19, in order to make arrangements to fly them back to Israel. On that day the New York Times published a prepared story, pushing the highly questionable notion of composite tail fin stress as the presumptive cause of the accident. This unsupported claim appears to be another case of contrived media misdirection (an endeavor the NYT is proficient in), to distract the public from the issue of sabotage.

It is reasonable to assume, however, that if by then the Government had already concocted and propagated a technically unlikely explanation — one that blamed the manufacturer Airbus for an alleged design flaw in conjunction with pilot over-reaction to vortexes from an airplane ahead —  the technically far more plausible cause of the crash, which was consistent with observations from witnesses and physical evidence at the crash site, would have already been apparent to investigators and experts, such as the man whose assessment of sabotage is cited in the story cited above. Those who had the opportunity to examine the left engine could easily have corroborated the sabotage. (This raises the question, if one of the numerous investigators became upset that the matter was being covered up and talked about it with others.)

Based on the timeline, these Israeli operatives would have arrived back in Israel not before November 21. They appeared on the talk show sometime before the end of the month, after a few days of intensive de-briefing.

Thanksgiving Day was on November 22, so that any possible news of their release from custody and arrival back in Israel would have easily been drowned out as Americans were focusing on that major holiday.

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  1. Outstanding research. How might this be followed up?

    Comment by Spectator | November 16, 2010

  2. Cut the Pentagon budget until they “find” the mising TRILLIONS that was reported by Rumsfeld the day before 911.
    RELEASE the film that the dancing joos made of teh impact. REMEMBER : They were set up AHEAD OF TIME to “film” the event.

    Comment by Peter GQQDmen | November 18, 2010

  3. What of Michael Chertoff going without mention in this piece? He was the one who got the Zionist-terrorist mass-murderers released and flown back to Israel.

    What role did Netanyahu play with his weekly phone calls to Silverstein?

    Also missing in all the 9/11 narratives is the role played by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, the only republican in the Clinton cabinet.

    What about Henry Kissinger in all of this?

    But, with Armitage named, Colin Powell can not be far behind!

    Further, the Israelis proved several times their ruthless treachery from the Lavon affair, the JFK assassination, the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty as a false flag operation in which LBJ had ordered two hydrogen bombs dropped on Cairo, but were recalled only because the crew on the Liberty restored communications and sent an SOS to the 6th Fleet and that blew the operation.

    So, after doing 9/11, I can not see why any further action was needed to get full cooperation with their co-conspirators in the Bush white house.

    Egyptian Air is more interesting and that too during the Clinton gangs tenure.

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | November 18, 2010

  4. Are you suggesting that Jewish congressman put Israeli loyalty above prosecuting those committing acts of terrorism against us? Why that’s anti-Semitic!

    Are saying that zionist forces in our government are so powerful they would conspire against our own national interests? Why that’s delegitimizing!

    Our bonds are absolutely unbreakable! Really, seriously, they are unbreakable… unless congress were to worry about its own delegitimization. They COULD make AIPAC the agent of a foreign nation. They COULD overnight release themselves from the endless need to raise money, and thus their own -apparently voluntary – enslavement. They COULD take the money we send to Israel and instead prosecute the storm of government-aided corruption destroying the very fabric of this country. They COULD, at the very least, censure each member of congress who has openly declared they work for Israel and not for us. And so on… Congress could show some courage and leadership. They could. But they don’t. So I am left to thank writers, researchers, thinkers and patriots like Doug Steil, who represent the American people when its government will not.

    How ironic it is that this country was founded on a separation of church and state. Israel has become the religion-state that our government not only sponsors, but subjugates our welfare to. So if it’ll make you happy, Netanyahu, I’ll delegitimize the US government. It must decide if it will at long last work to keep our country from destruction. Israel it completely legitimate as the self-serving foreign state is always was. It just isn’t our friend.

    Comment by G Street | November 18, 2010

    • HERE! HERE!

      Comment by X | November 18, 2010

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  6. 9/11 and Israel, here:

    Comment by Allen P | November 18, 2010

  7. Either Airbus or the Saudis must be your friends. Come on Doug, tell who payed you to write this garbage, and how much.

    Comment by Buck Parish | November 18, 2010

    • LOL!!! Zionist Alert!!! Zionists always drag the Saudis into the shit with themselves in order to get back at Muslims.

      Comment by Hugster | November 19, 2010

      • Bit like Alex Jones..

        Comment by Bob | November 29, 2010

    • The ZioNazis are so predictable…

      Comment by Alan Cabal | September 2, 2011

  8. It’s been over nine years and we have not seen
    the surveillance photos of the Pentagon and we
    have not seen the pictures that the Dancing Ones took of the Twin Towers. Why not? The pictures taken from New Jersey might clear up the controversy about No Planes. That would be nice.

    Comment by Zan Overall | November 18, 2010

  9. Wake up Americans – shake off the yidish yoke and take her fangs out your throats and parasitical claws out our wallets. It’s time to De-Zionize our dying Nation. Visit Rediscover9/ Good article, perhaps filled in some blanks. Peter

    Comment by Peter Radon | November 18, 2010

  10. Someone should (independently) test the bridge paint for thermite.

    Comment by X | November 18, 2010

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  12. Great comments. Better than the article itself. But apparently the Zionists alo planned to blow up the GW Bridge on 911, too.

    Comment by werewolf | November 18, 2010

  13. as we all know by now, Israel this powerful shitty little so called nation, have control over just about every nation in this UN world, their power seems to be endless in this whole endless wars of this world, is it just me that see this evil in just about every conflict of death on the face of this earth, you name it take a look at any one of the wars in our life time, and you’ll see that Israel have it’s bloody hands in it.
    they have their people Jew/zionist/mossad in every corner of this whole world, ready to serve up death and mayhem to anyone to bring about their long wet dream of a GREAT ISRAEL.
    just ask Buck Parish as he says ” Either Airbus or the Saudis must be your friends. Come on Doug, tell who payed you to write this garbage, and how much.” we have seen this many times before, just like that there is a zionist in place ready to discredit Mr. Steil or anyone els, IT IS NOT THE MONEY BITCH, IT IS YOU AND YOU’RE SHITTY EVIL STATE FROM HELL FOR JEWS ONLY THAT YOU ALL STOLE AND NOW CALL ISRAEL.
    the zionist are all out and working so very hard to bring about a new world of their old world to be KINGS OF THIS WORLD, even if it will take another WORLD WAR.

    Comment by Ray O Hope | November 18, 2010

    • Look to the entity which built the ‘world court of the world’ in Israel. The entity of zion paying Israel’s freight and status in the U.N.. The Rothschild banking/ Grand Patron of freemasonry cabal, which put all the satanic-freemasonry symbolisms throughout and built various inane numerologies into this structure

      The Rockefellers owe much of their success to the Rothschild bank and their partnership goes back to day one at Standard oil. Together, they spawned the Council on Foreign Relations, which to this day dominates all corporate televised news in the U.S. and in PARTICULAR, election coverage. Not to be forgotten is the fact that Rep. Oscar Calloway in 1917 turned in his report to congress that the CFR had the intent of buying up as many newspapers as it took to dominate the fields of debate on the national news scene. Today, they control ALL corporate news. Israel is their personal street gang.

      They call the shots. The Grand Patron of freemasonry is the queen of England , and she is one murderous bitch and the worst of racists. Hillary’s role model. Don’t blame Israel any more than you blame the dog. Adversity was a claimed benefit for the victims in the WWII labor camps in Europe. The Rothschild/Grand Patron of freemasonry cabal. Queen Elizabeth gave Hitler $12 million in 1930 to get the ball rolling. The Dulles Bros. law firm of NYC did the paperwork and facilitated Hitler’s war bond sales until they were caught at it in 1942.

      Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | September 1, 2011

  14. one more thing about the American Airlines Airbus that lost it’s vertical stabilizer, is this:

    First, airplanes are certificated by the F.A.A. and must, in this one respect of design limitations, be able to structurally withstand the full, stop to stop control deflections by either pilot, regardless of reason, if that airplane is below ‘Va’ (maneuvering speed). This speed exists as a turbulent air penetration speed that pilots MUST, absolutely MUST adhere to, as any accidental or unintentional loss of control of the aircraft MAY cause stop to stop control deflections in effort to regain control of the aircraft in such circumstances. As we know the speed at which this Airbus came apart, allegedly after flying thru a ‘heavy’ jet’s wake turbulence (B-747 in this case) was significantly BELOW DESIGN MANEUVERING SPEED on this machine, then it raises questions about the reason why the F.A.A. didn’t immediately FORCE THE GROUNDING of ALL AIRBUS models which have the same designed vertical stabilizer on them. This did not happen. Instead, the whole thing got white washed by blaming the ‘dead’ crew who were not in the N.T.S.B. courtroom to defend themselves. Their actions in the cockpit did not constitute SUFFICIENT CONTROL DEFLECTION OF THE RUDDER to cause a TOTAL STRUCTURAL FAILURE of the vertical stabilizer at such a low speed, well BELOW ‘Va’ for this plane. Not a few knots below, but much more on the order of double-digits below it.

    This whole thing smelled very fishy, from day one, and as an experienced pilot, I can tell you that if this was a design flaw of an Airbus, something would have been done about this other than blame the dead crew for this.

    So in essence, I can see the snide assholean comment by the guy above, accusing Aletho of being an AIRBUS LOVER, but that’s not the case at all. What ALETHO is saying is that there’s more to this bullshit than what we have been told, and as we know that TWA-800 was ‘shot down’ by the U.S. Navy, and ‘covered up’ by the F.B.I. and N.T.S.B., it’s also plausible to bring up Pan Am 103’s destruction done by the C.I.A. to keep ‘7’ people out of about 238 of them on board that plane, from testifying before a Senate Subcommittee over drug trafficking.

    The U.S. Government and Israel have so much terrorism blood on their respective paws that it’s not a stretch to once again see how this American Airlines AIRBUS 318 was brought down by MOSSAD and CIA sabotage, just days after the biggest mass murder by Israel on U.S. soil took place, with NORAD’s help, under Richard B. Cheney.

    Comment by MANEUVERING SPEED ISSUE | November 19, 2010

    • The Airbus planes were engineered with techology for “remote control” (just like the 911 planes?). Lately, Quantas has had a lot of trouble with them and is switching out 40 engines. Let’s hope the NEW engines don’t have the SAME “remote control” technology.

      Comment by News for You | November 19, 2010

      • the ‘engines’ controls on the airbus A-318’s inside the engines themselves are not Airbus specific. the FMS system in the avionics in the cockpit, IS airplane specific, and this is where the remote control of the aircraft takes place, not in the engine nacelles.

        sabotaging an engine on an Airbus 318 didn’t require a computer wizard, it required an asshole with a pair of wirecutters and or tubing cutters or vice grips to pinch or break a hydraulic line or cut thru an actuator signal twisted pair wiring harness.

        so the ‘new’ engines that Quantas is getting are virtually, almost to the drawing revision level, the ‘same’ as the one’s they’re taking off, with perhaps one or two components changed ‘mechanically’ for whatever caused the uncontained failure of a turbine on the A-380 and perhaps the B-747’s.

        for the kind of AA 587 A-318 failure to shear the vertical stabilizer off, the extreme instantaneous ‘yaw’ component of a severe thrust loss on one pylon (engine) and a moderately robust amount of thrust on the other wing pylon (engine) could, in fact, have caused such an incredible side load on the vertical stabilizer to ‘shear’ it off.

        by the way, this load would be far greater than what ‘stop to stop’ instantaneous rudder dancing by the pilots could ever have done, because, just like all FLY BY WIRE aircraft, there are FMS deflection controls that will kick in and try to yaw limit the rudder if an accidental full scale rudder input is done by either pilot.

        so what took place on AA-587 was caused not by an encounter with wake turbulence from a ‘heavy’ jet (takeoff weight greater than 180,000 pounds, per ATC protocols for labeling an airplane as ‘heavy’ for wake turbulence issues) but it was caused by an extreme, out of tolerance ‘yaw’ moment that rudder deflections could not likely have caused.

        that’s why hanging this on the ‘dead’ crew was so unfair. being ‘murdered’ is bad enough, but then having the sad piles of shit at the N.T.S.B. who ostensibly are NOT pilots, crucify the ‘dead’ crew like they did, is kind of par for the course for an N.T.S.B. who’s primary job lately is to cover up criminal behavior on the part of the government moreso than it is for them to get to the bottom of the causative issues that killed air passengers on airplanes since they began to cover up airliner destruction by the military like TWA-800, and the demolition by explosives place inside the aircraft cargo hold by a CIA operative, as was Pan Am 103 that fell in pieces in Lockerbie.

        so, in summary, this didn’t have so much to do with automated engine control, it had more to do with out and out sabotage by ‘unknown’ but suspected MOSSAD agents to retaliate against the unwilling to release the ‘dancing 5’ israeli MOSSAD dudes who got apprehended whilst trying to blow up the G.W. Bridge in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001, as their ‘grand finale’ after rigging the ‘3’ WTC towers with THERMITE.

        Comment by ENGINE AUTOMATION | November 20, 2010

    • Copies of bank records allegedly from the Coutt’s bank of England show a joint account between George H.W. Bush and the queen of England. The high profole open drug production using U.S. military aircraft indicate that these records are authentic and reflect an ongoing racket between bush and queen lizard.

      Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | September 1, 2011

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  16. Not mentioned in above article is that Chertoff (means ‘son of the devil’ in Russian) was the Dept of Justice guy in charge of the ‘dancing Israelis’ matter….. or Mr. Mukasey, who was the judge in the hearings that led to their release. Both were rewarded for carrying the water: Chertoff became director of Homeland Security and Mukasey became Attorney General during the GWBush second term.

    Comment by trebor | November 19, 2010

  17. “Micro-thermite”/thermate/super duper thermite/nano-thermite had NOTHING to do with the destruction of the twin towers and are nothing more then a disinfo rabbit hole.Having first recognized the vast energy surplus accompanying the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and having then connected the dots on the evidence that points to widespread molecular dissociation at “”Ground Zero””, we now consider the possibility of the simplest and thus most likely potential source of the form of energy capable of accomplishing that feat: fissionless fusion energy, released from multiple very-low-yield thermonuclear devices.

    Comment by Mossberg500 | November 19, 2010

    • Good try, Mossberg500. There’s no such thing as a fissionless thermonuclear device. Details, details.

      Comment by Toodleooass | November 19, 2010

    • try to switch brands of ‘crack’, get off the ACME crack and switch to PLUMBER’S CRACK, Mossberg! that is smokeless crack! kind of like fission-less thermonuclear weapons, unicorns, and yes, holograms of planes hitting the towers while tiny black holes were unleashed by space aliens orbiting around Yer Anus :)

      Comment by wrong crack you smoke, Mossberg!!! | November 22, 2010

    • WRONG. A computerized demolition system was installed during construction. nukes were installed to clear out the basement to accomodate the upper floors. See Dr. Ed Ward, MD for details concerning the commercial application of nuclear technologies and the necessary US/USSR treaties and contracts.

      Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | September 1, 2011


      Comment by Alan Cabal | September 2, 2011

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  19. Welcome to the new Palestine. Amerigaza.

    Comment by Sarah Longer | November 19, 2010

  20. “Pull it !”(Congress, I mean)

    Comment by joeglas | November 19, 2010

  21. //featuring live helicopter video of a major suspension bridge falling into the Hudson River, with only its two towers remaining. //

    Hence removing two towers (WTC1 & WTC2), and leaving two “new” towers, thus reshaping reality in a most fascinating way.

    The symbolic of bridges (and so destroying them) is also very much important on its own.

    Good analysis! It’s a pity nobody thought of collecting samples from the bridge’s paint before it was all removed! But perhaps there is some thermite left to be discovered?

    Comment by r_i_d | November 19, 2010

  22. And who can forget the Emet group, reported by Joel C. Rosenberg, a mere 23 days befor 911. [see Emet Group,APFN}…One might also consider establishing the fact for independent verification that no modern day so-called “Jew” was or is an actual descendent of even one tribe of the Children of Israel. Facts are Facts despite the “Jewish” narrative. Which causes one to look forward to the day when Justice prevails and the false narrative will be but a pile of ashes….distributed by the wind to the four corners….Zionist Entity….Going….going…

    Comment by Anthony Clifton | November 19, 2010

  23. Why isn’t this on TV?

    Are people making ALL of this stuff up about the Israelis that were arrested? No, they were arrested for a reason.

    So what parts of it are true and what parts are false? (Psst. You have now become a 9/11 Truther by simply trying to answer these questions! Please continue to THINK about this, and ask your own questions.)

    Comment by Rob | November 19, 2010

  24. For all those that have not yet viewed “Missing Link.9/” you will get all the info you need to come to only one conclusion.

    Comment by Robert Miller | November 19, 2010

  25. As for low-yield nukes, their use does not preclude the role of thermite. The amount of resistance in the intact structures was vast; thus the need for the obvious demolition procedures; but with the amount of resistance and material to be cleared, I can see how it might have been effective to use both. In any case, the thermite was in the dust, so they must have used it, because it didn’t come out of Silverstein’s nose or Chertoff’s ***.

    Comment by Brian | November 19, 2010

  26. I was born and raised an orthodox Jew in South Africa. I was never taught about the Talmud.I was never taught about the real history of the Jews but fake myths and how everyone hated them but never told why. Then I came to America (big mistake) and voila!! Suddenly being a Jew meant trashing the Torah and its Ten Commandments and embracing the satanic Talmud which permits murder of non-Jews and even sex with infants.
    And it justifies every imaginable sin from plundering corpses of the men it murders for body organs to plundering of the economy just like it did from host nations for two thousand years until each kicked the Jews out.Jews kept crying “persecution” when in fact they were really kicked out because of the troublemaking they caused, and 100 years ago started demanding a country of their own free from “persecution”. They got Israel by stealth and deception, but instead of being happy that they had their own country, they continued crying persecution and victimisation whether it was from neighbouring countries or the holocaust. Then they rubbed Hitler’s nose in the dirt by declaring economic war on Germany.Forget that Hitler actually collaborated with the Zionists who let their fellow Jews be exterminated if they didn’t want to go to Palestine.They haven’t stopped victimising others but still crying victim all the time. It’s been a hoax every inch of the way.If they didn’t want to join the NPT like JFK wanted Israel to do, they just murdered him. They plundered the Russian economy and wealth and are doing the very same thing to America as we speak.They perpetrated the Ukranian and Armenian Christian holocausts, then the Palestinian Holocaust, then the Iraqi Holocaust but still continue to cry victim. Hollywood Jews made hundreds of movies to perpetuate the myth of persecution.They murdered 34 Americans on the USS Liberty and again 8000 of them on 9/11 and its aftermath.The flotilla massacre alone has caused more antisemitism than during Hitler’s time.All Israel does is murder, kill and annihilate and the American Jews are complicit through their silence and therefore are murderers as well.American Jews know that Israel demolished the WTC with nanothermite explosives but the traitors continue to support Israel.the world is now saying once again: Enough is enough.

    Comment by mystic | November 19, 2010

  27. Some speculation: what happens after WW3? It will be easy to start and easy to end. The USA will be “collectively” guilty of war crimes that can readily be magnified. A million Iraqis could become for example six million. We could be raked for reparations and the funds will go to the people running the newly diced-up Iraq. That will be… Israel and the Brits! The reparations will be used to further impede our economic recovery, the atrocities will be aimed at our national identity, and our weakened state will ensure our capitulation. Meanwhile, the immigrants will keep coming, unless of course our country is as radioactive as Iraq. And the global government will finally be erected on top of our country’s corpse. I will file for reparations under the name Fonzi Shazam. My real name is Berman. Who will supervise the blood money dole? Not you.

    Comment by Brian | November 19, 2010


    Comment by john cameron | November 19, 2010

    • A+

      Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | September 1, 2011

  29. No.27: Please Understand That There Are Torahic (Or ‘Biblical-Literalist’ & ‘Holy-Bible-Only’) “Jews” Like You & I (Who Basically Comprise Over 99% Of Genetic, DNA & Blood/Hereditary Hebrews/”Jews”) , And; There Are The FILTHY-RICH, EVIL & GLOBALIST NEW-WORLD-ORDER (NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM) “Illuminati”, “Freemasonic” & “Zionist” STRICT TALMUDIC-“JEWS”: THAT ONLY COMPRISE OF 1% OR LESS OF THE WHOLE GLOBAL POPULATION THAT CALL THEMSELVES “JEWS” !

    My Hebrew/Jewish Ancestors Date Back To Ceasar NERO; Hence Our Preserved Family Name Is A Combination Of Ceasar-NERO Or Ceas-nero &-Or Cis-nero: CISNEROS !

    The Surname CISNEROS Or CISNERO [SISNERO] (ITALY), CISNEROS (SPAIN), SISNEROS (GREECE) DOES INDEED TRACE ITS ROOT IN THE ROMAN EMPORER “CEASAR-NERO”: As Ceasar-Nero [Who Fiddled While ROME Burned–Because HE ORDERED ROME BURNED–And FALSELY BLAMED IT ON The Historic “Judeo-Chrisitians” Or Believing “Jewish-Christians” Generally Called “Christians] Himself Was A “Genetic-Jew” Who NEVER Converted To Historic “Judeo-Christianity” Or Historic ORTHODOX “CHRISTIANITY”.

    The Biblical Evidence Of Ceasar-NERO’s Family Or “Household” Can Be Found In The Writing Of The Apostle Paul In His Letter (Epistle) To The Philippians:

    “All The Saints (Believers, Disciples, Christians, Etc.) Salute You, Chiefly They That Are Of Caesar’s (Nero’s) Household.”–Philippians 4:22 !

    As You Shouldn’t Forget That Paul The Apostle Was Martyred &-Or Beheaded During The Reign Of The ROMAN EMPEROR CEASAR NERO ! ! ! ! !




    Comment by Tony Lopez-Cisneros | November 19, 2010

    • That’s not Sabrosky’s site. It’s mine. The Sabrosky quote is at the top of the page – for a reason.

      Comment by andie531 | November 20, 2010

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  31. I’m kind of teetering on the “we need to check who was manifested on AA 587 in 2001, for two things:

    a.) people the gobvarmint needed to desperately silence forever.

    b.) fake victims like AA-77 and other flights on Sept. 11, that weren’t even scheduled to be flown that day, and per Gerard Holmgren’s very excellent theory about ‘fake or identity thefted created out of nothingness’ human beings or ‘victims’ the gobvarmint says died on Sept. 11th., but otherwise cannot prove existed in reality…we might want to take a good hard look at who was on AA 587 to look for these two subsets of possible motives to destroy it.

    and lastly, do more digging into Chertoff’s connections, and the rest of the gobvarmint ‘dual passport holding’ Israeli puppets who permeate the U.S. gobvarmint in virtually every power post.

    There’s more to AA 587’s demise, just like there may have been ‘reasons’ the Navy might not just have accidentally, via SM-2 missile from an Aegis cruiser in the warning area off Long Island, had to ‘destroy’ TWA-800.

    the common denominator, most likely, is Israel again. Gee, I wonder why that may be??

    Comment by GOOD TIME TO CHECK FLT 587'S MANIFEST | November 20, 2010

  32. That’s not Sabrosky’s site. It’s mine. The Sabrosky quote is at the top of the page – for a reason.

    Comment by andie531 | November 21, 2010

  33. I’ve thought ever since President Clinton warned Monica Lewinski to be careful what she said in phone conversations because a foreign government might be bugging the White House phone that our government was being extorted by some kind of criminal espionage. Maybe it’s not an “inside job” and the coup is complete.

    Comment by Davol | September 1, 2011

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  36. Talk to the builders of the WTCs. The workers, They know more than all these websites put together.

    Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | September 1, 2011

  37. Dancing Israeli’s at it again:

    Comment by login | May 6, 2012

  38. Just read this post on WRH. Very good article. Would someone know if it is true that ,the only folks allowed to leave America by flight after sept 11 20001 were Saudia’s. My information is that no Saudia was envolved in the attacks. I suspect in reality it was Israelies flown out of the country–. Any info on this? :^(

    Comment by George Archers | August 17, 2012

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  40. The issue can be boiled down to a simple line (or two).

    2 planes and 3 buildings.

    What more do you need to know, the rest is meer tecnicalitys like the controlled demolition/fall.
    And building 7, wtf about that.
    Have they (the gov.) sayed anything about that.

    And regarding Pentagon, where is the plane, and the FIRST images offlight 79(i cant remeber the number) was more like a single missile crash site, regarding the stunning images-

    # I belive they changed the crash site from the initial reports and images of the flight 79 during that day, because since then i havent engaged my self in this, just when I saw images from the flight crash not so long ago, what I saw was NOT the same as the initial crash site I remeber from that day#

    -of almoust NO debrise.

    I have seen this kind of crash site images before, from cruise missile.

    thats it.


    Comment by mikael | August 17, 2012

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