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Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and WikiLeaks

alawson911 | December 12, 2010

WikiLeaks has given the mainstream media yet another opportunity to vilify Iran. A typical headline, from the New York Times was: “Around the world distress over Iran.” And, ironically, it is true, but not in the way the headline writer meant. Around the world there is distress over Iran, distress at the way it is being cast in the role of the Evil Doer, when all but the most ignorant observers realise that it is nuclear-armed Apartheid Israel that is the real threat to world peace, not Iran.

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December 13, 2010 - Posted by | Deception, Mainstream Media, Warmongering, Timeless or most popular, Video, Wars for Israel


  1. Great Video.. another reason to be thankful to Aletho News, and a reminder that the telly is NOT the place to go, if you don’t want to be brainwashed. Is there a link on this site that tells how Aletho was founded, etc.? Thank you!

    Comment by Joyce | December 13, 2010

  2. “WikiLeaks has given the mainstream media yet another opportunity to vilify Iran.”

    Mainstream Media spins anything and everything–it is not wikileaks to blame, it is the spin the media gives it.

    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 13, 2010

    • As with Judith Miller’s pentagon sources, WikiLeaks has supplied the raw material as well as the purported authenticity (which is never questioned) for the media’s warmongering.

      Comment by aletho | December 13, 2010

      • Judith Miller is an established Zionist propagandist – she planted stories in the NTY the led up to the Iraq war.

        Comment by JakeJ | December 14, 2010

  3. Tom Burghardt
    Ray McGovern
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Wayne Madison
    Gordon Duff
    Kurt Nimmo
    Andrew Gavin Marshall
    Jeff Gates
    Glenn Greenwald
    Scott Creighton

    All of these researcher amongst many more have weighed in on wikileaks.
    Regardless of their possitions as to the documents being released in favor of Israel or not–NONE have called into doubt the AUTHENTICITY; only whether certain documents avoided release.

    I refuse to believe that all of these authors are fools and naive as to the basic nature of the documents as authentic cables.
    YOU are the first and only person I have heard or read who has made such a claim.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 13, 2010

    • With any “leak” authenticity is obviously in question until the information is confirmed, preferably by a first party source. That goes without saying and need not be specifically addressed in an analysis. Though, Zbigniew Bzrezinski made the point in his recent PBS interview:

      “It’s not a question of worry. It’s, rather, a question of whether WikiLeaks are being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and have surfaced are very pointed.

      And I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to WikiLeaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.

      For example, leaving aside the personal gossip about Sarkozy or Berlusconi or Putin, the business about the Turks is clearly calculated in terms of its potential impact on disrupting the American-Turkish relationship.”

      Comment by aletho | December 13, 2010

  4. That is my point Aletho. Do you think that if there were no verification any of these heavyweights would have bothered to dicuss anything about the leaks OTHER than they are unverified?


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 13, 2010

    • Each cable or data piece would have to be individually confirmed. This has obviously not occurred.

      Comment by aletho | December 13, 2010

  5. Right….all these people are just spinning in bullshit and don’t realize it…Lol

    Whatever, I get the drift of your thinking on this. Thanks, ww

    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 13, 2010

  6. Just the fact that wikileaks is picked up and quoted by major propaganda outlets which are known to lie to keep the right wing rich and in power makes their adoption of this ‘radical’ site extremely suspect. If the CIA et al are not feeding this site information as a way to leak misinformation in an effort to advance their imperial ambitions then they must be a different organization than the one which has started so many wars and murdered so many heads of government. It’s a scam.

    Comment by Joeyathome | December 18, 2010

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