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Provocateurs, shills and disinfo agents

hijackednation | September 26, 2009

Insight into how governments discredit and eliminate dissident movements special thanks to WeAreChangeLA.

December 17, 2010 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Deception, False Flag Terrorism


  1. Awsome presentation…and yes, with Homeland Security it is only intensified, a total fascist state, Amerika Inc.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | December 17, 2010

  2. There is reason to believe that Jesse Jackson was COINTELPRO and therefore suspect in the assassination of Martin Luther King, who at the time of his assassination was moving to unite the Civil Right’s Movement with the Anti-War Movement at the upcoming Democratic National Convention to be held that summer in Chicago.

    And with this disclosure by Annie Machon that Princess Diana was assassinated because of her plans to come forth as an advocate for the Human Rights of the tormented and terrorized Palestinians by the CIA and MI6; but one would be dimwitted not to surmise/realize that their are dual US/UK-Mossad agents, as with citizenship. Rahm Emanuel is a prime candidate for such a Frankenstein monstrosity.

    Thanks Aletho for consistently bring forth this vital information that is purely nourishing brain food, providing corrective information to debunk disinformation by the ensconced prevaricators called opinion makers.

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | February 25, 2012

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