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The village of Awarta faces collective punishment from soldiers after attack on settlers

12 March 2011 | International Solidarity Movement

Today the village of Awarta, the Palestinian village located closest to the illegal settlement Itamar which witnessed the murder of an entire settler family this morning, was put under severe military restrictions. According to the village council, 19 people are still in custody after the Israeli military raided the village early this morning. Around 8 am the Israeli military cut off the roads to the village, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Around 25 people were arrested in total, among them a 14-year-old boy.

When the soldiers entered the houses to arrest people they flipped over furniture, smashed windows, threw sound grenades and shot bullets in the air.

Around 3 pm the soldiers returned a second time to search houses of the families who’s sons had been arrested. They forced the families to stay outside under armed guards for an hour while about 20 soldiers with dogs entered their houses. As they had done in the morning, the soldiers turned the houses completely upside-down, destroying the electricity by cutting the cables to the fuse box, and polluting the drinking water by throwing mud in the water-tanks. Computers and phones were destroyed and money and property were stolen by the soldiers. Once again the soldiers threw sound grenades inside and outside the houses.

While the soldiers were searching the houses, the families, including women and small children, were forbidden to drink or eat.

It has been reported that an 80-year-old woman who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure was beaten by the soldiers. She was taken to the Rafidia hospital in Nablus.

Around 6 pm the soldiers left the village, but residents of Awarta are scared that settlers will attack again during the night. No one knows if or when the army or the settlers will return to the village.

The families of the men and boys that were arrested do not know where their sons, fathers, and brothers are or when they will come home.

Even though this kind of systematic collective punishment is illegal according to International law, it is frequently used by the Israeli military all over the West Bank and in Gaza.

March 12, 2011 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Subjugation - Torture


  1. These are NAZI tactics, and it is now obvious why the Israelis use them; because they are truly a NAZI nation.

    Fascism is totalitarian capitalism. Add racism based on the believe of racial supremacy for themselves; and the inferiority of other peoples; to the point of considering them SUB-humans, and therefore have no Human Rights, and worse yet, is the denial of them being members of the human race, not just another race of humans; but animals, “cockroaches” that can be stepped on, killed, exterminated; without committing homicide!

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | March 13, 2011

  2. Zionisn and Nazism are “identical manifestations of the same basic pathology”
    and that they are “equally dangerous to the well being of humanity”

    Comment by B.Benhamid | March 13, 2011

  3. 7 min 45 sec VIDEO for the World See & Hear:

    ‘Dr. Hajo Meyer is a Holocaust survivor and anti-Zionist activist. He has been conducting a speaking tour titled “Never Again For Anyone,” sharing his experiences of surviving Auschwitz and his perceptions of Zionism and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

    This video is a selection of clips from an interview with Dr. Meyer on February 19, 2011 and discusses his views of the antagonistic relationship between Zionism and Judaism.’

    Please Copy, Paste, and MAIL To EVERYONE, requesting they do likewise – Bill

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | March 13, 2011

  4. Watch the real Nazi’s:

    Palestinians are a prmitive nation, so is the author of the article above. Can you really believe that soldiers steal money and throw mud?

    Comment by David York | March 13, 2011

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