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Paris court convicts Israeli doctor of slander

Ma’an – 30/04/2011

JERUSALEM — Knesset member Ahmad Tibi is calling on Israeli authorities to punish a doctor convicted of slandering the father of Mohammad Ad-Durra by a French court Friday.

In 2000, the television station France 2 reported that Israeli soldiers shot dead Mohammad Ad-Durra, 12, in Gaza City. The killing was filmed by French reporters and the channel broadcast footage of the incident, in which Ad-Durra’s father Jamal was also shot and injured as he tried to take cover with his son.

In an interview to a French Jewish publication in 2008, Israeli doctor Yehuda David claimed Jamal Ad-Durra’s injuries stemmed from a previous accident. He had operated on Ad-Durra in 1994.

Ad-Durra sued David and the publication for slander.

A Paris court on Friday convicted the doctor, a reporter and the editor of Jewish News Weekly, of defaming Jamal Ad-Durra. The three were fined 1,000 euros each and ordered to pay 5,000 euros in damages.

MK Ahmad Tibi urged the Israeli Medical Association and the Ministry of Health to prosecute the doctor, noting that misusing and distorting confidential medical files is a criminal offense.

David has previously claimed that the video footage of Mohammad’s killing was fabricated, and that the boy was killed by Palestinian fire.

In 2000, the Israeli army conducted an internal investigation and admitted responsibility for the killing but in 2007 the Israeli government officially denied involvement.

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  1. Well hallelujah for that! Now they can go after a few other individuals and organizations since the zionists are still wholesaling this shameful drivel.

    Here’s a piece from my local paper from October 2010:

    French Media Analyst to Debunk Intifada Footage

    Markham-based Jewish Defense League of Canada will be one of three sponsors bringing in Phillippe Karsenty from France to speak in Toronto on November 11.

    French media analyst and founder of Media-Ratings – a media monitoring organization – Mr Karsenty recently won a defamation case on appeals in 2004, when he was sued for libel by the French television network, France 2, after accusing the network of having broadcast staged footage of the reported killing of a 12-year-old Palastinian boy, Muhammad al-Durah, during a now-famous gun battle in the Gaza Strip in 2000.

    “The media has largely contributed to demonizing Israel and denying Israel’s right to exist,” said Mr Karsenty at a Boston conference in early October.

    Karsenty said that the Israeli government apologized for teh incident initially with the assumption that the camera doesn’t lie – and that French TV could not have been anything like the government-run Arab-world media, he said.

    But when CNN rejected the film, and when French TV stalled in providing the 18 minutes of raw footage, red flags went up. “France 2 edited it and thought they had the scoop of the year,” he said.

    Within days, aerial and satellite maps of the gunfight between Israeli and Palestinians had shown that al-Durah and his father, crouching at a wall, could never have been hit by Israeli forces.

    Part of Mr Karsenty’s data-rich case includes the fact that no blood is seen captured on the film despite the claim by witnesses that dozens of bullet rounds were shot over the course of 45 minutes in the al-Durah’s direction.

    As such, bullet holes denting the wall surrounding al-Durah – large enough to fit a thumb in – would cause profuse bleeding when piercing s body part, maintains Mr Karsenty, who will explain in expanded detail what he believes was an elaborate hoax, at the event.
    Where: Toronto Zionist Centre, 788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto, 7 p.m.
    General admission $20.00 and students are free
    In order to guarantee your seat, register early.
    To reserve a seat, email with your full name and the full names of all those you wish to reserve a seat for.

    This program is sponsored by International free Press Society, Free Thinking Film Society and the Jewish Defense League of Canada.

    any typos in the transcription are probably mine. I posted this on desertpeace last year but the local paper is not online.

    Comment by tal | May 1, 2011

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