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Osama Bin Laden has been dead for a while! Show me the body like Saddam Hussein’s two sons were put on display

LoneStarWatchDog | May 2, 2011

This smells to high heaven and seems like an act of political desperation. It has been confirmed by many sources Bin Laden could not survive in a cave because he needed kidney dialysis. The CIA asset died of natural causes many years ago. Every video and audio recording was a fake and a fraud concocted by our intelligence agencies to raise terrorist warnings for political purposes.

I want to see the body. What was the purpose to quickly bury Osama bin laden at sea. I want to see the body and then I will believe the news. I want to see the dialysis marks on his body. Then which Bin Laden is it. Was it the one smiling who was writing with his right hand when he is left handed? Was it the Bin Laden with the grey beard and the one with a regular brown beard? What ship buried Bin Laden at sea?

This seems like a political move because Barrack Obama the President is in trouble with very low approval ratings. If he really wants to prove it. At least President George W. Bush during the Iraq conflict had Saddam Hussein’s two sons on public display before they were laid to rest. There was no observance to Islamic law concerning burial of the bodies. They had no trouble hanging Saddam Hussein on video. Why so secretive if they really killed Osama Bin Laden. I want to see the body. Then I will believe the news.

This President is in hot water with the American people. The people no longer have confidence in his leadership and his ability to lead. Using the Osama Bin Laden card was an act of political desperation. Next there might be a false flag attack claiming to be in retaliation to killing Osama Bin Laden might be in the cards. I approach this breaking news with great skepticism because there is no evidence there was any operation took place. No video of burial at sea or the body. All we have to go on is the President’s words in which we have no confidence in what he says because the words he is speaking are coming from a teleprompter.

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  1. Well said. I concur entirely.

    Comment by Ghostwheel | May 2, 2011

  2. Why, he’s the Osama bin Laden whose death pushed Canadian Conservative Leader Stephen Harper into a comfortable majority government on Monday, May 2, the day after the announcement. Further wars with new Muslims must be a certainty for such an obvious ploy.

    Comment by Eric Vaughan | May 2, 2011

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