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US not to publish dead bin Laden photos, Pakistanis doubt death account

Press TV – May 4, 2011

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

The US administration says it will not release photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse, deepening suspicions over Washington’s claim of killing the notorious terrorist.

In a prerecorded interview with CBS on Wednesday, US President Barack Obama said he has decided not to publish the disturbing images purportedly of al-Qaeda chief’s dead body, because of concerns that they might become “a propaganda tool”, AFP reported.

“I think that given the graphic nature of these photos, it would create some national security risk,” Obama stated.

“There is no doubt that bin Laden is dead. Certainly there is… no doubt among al-Qaeda members that he is dead. And so we don’t think that a photograph in and of itself is going to make any difference.” White House spokesman Jay Carney quoted Obama as saying, as he read an excerpt of the president’s interview to the reporters. […]

Obama’s decision not to offer any photographic evidence of the killing has thrown doubt on the reported US operation, with many analysts saying that that bin Laden is either still alive or had been dead several years ago. … Full article

Also from Press TV:

‘No trust in Osama death account’

The Pakistani people say they do not believe US reports that Osama bin Laden had lived in a compound near a Pakistani military base in Abbottabad since 2005. […]

Some analysts say there is a possibility that the al-Qaeda militants were living in the compound under the surveillance of ISI when the US military carried out the operation. They say the operation was a show prearranged between the US and ISI and that bin Laden was not in the house as he had already been killed. […]

Meanwhile, contradictory stories are emerging from the White House about the military operation. One of the contradictions includes comments that bin Laden was unarmed but put up resistance.

Many believe American Special Forces could have arrested the al-Qaeda leader without having to kill him and a question raised is why bin Laden’s body was buried at sea so soon after his death.

A US official says bin Laden’s body has been buried at sea, alleging that his hasty burial was in accordance with Islamic law, which requires burial within 24 hours of death. This while burial at sea is not an Islamic practice and Islam does not determine a time-frame for burial. – Full article

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  1. America you are going the wrong way and it will only lead into the dustbin of history.
    You are drowning in your own lies and don’t even know it.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | May 4, 2011

  2. you know, I bet the Pakistani’s know hot to take the ‘live’ photo of Bin Laden, flip it horizontally, and then merge it onto the just released one that O’Puppet just released to prove he’s a huge suck cess(pool) in the eyes of the world.

    and I bet most Pakistani’s have seen BLACKHAWK DOWN too, and or have that video perhaps in some of their collections…so they can see that picture is flipped horizontally and PHOTOSHOPPED.

    for O’Bummer to state that they’ve now decided NOT to release these ‘3’ sets of clearly bogus and in one case, re-released fake death photos unto the world, is a blatant lie and a total obfuscation of truth.

    but the real truth is that had they truly killed Bin Laden, these scummy classless and inhumane assholes in this illegitimate government in the U.S. would have proudly displayed that corpse on every MSM channel for weeks, declaring what an awesome president this ass puppet of Israel is.

    in any case, either someone in the Pentagon is intentionally trying to destroy this puppet’s reputation in the eyes of the world with these poorly hacked and stupidly edited photos of a very deceased for 9 years Osama Bin Laden, or they just have no clue how obvious that these fakes are and how easily they are debunked.

    They released the photos. The third one was of an Iraqi sniper killed years ago by the U.S., and yes, it was another PHOTOSHOP hack job that is so amateurish most 12 year olds would do better at it.

    Pulling this lame shit that no photos were released is disingenuous and blatantly a LIE, just like the claim that they killed Osama who’s been dead for 9 years plus.

    Osama died on December 13th., 2001. U.S. intelligence lost all radio chatter of him immediately after that.

    they have known he has been dead for a long time, and to float this bullshit is not only an act of HIGH TREASON, but it’s at the very least, grounds for impeachment and prosecution for undermining the National Security of the United States by fraudulent official statements.

    and it’s sick that the U.S. public believes it.

    Comment by SAY WHAT? | May 4, 2011

  3. now the cowardly crocks of human feces there in the Whore House are floating all of their fake photos via the BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS SCUMBAG OWNED MSM…to avoid the sticky wicket they get into when their PHOTOSHOPPED CRAP IS EXPOSED TO THE WORLD.

    this gives the chickenshit liar n cheeze in the Whore House some PUS-ABLE DENIABILITY that they can later say; “Photos, we never released no STEEKING PHOTOS!!” (what a crock of shit they are, steaming crocks of shit, actually) so pathetic they’re such sleazes they have to float these turds via BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS SHITHOLES in LONDON.

    see WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM, front page, latest PHOTOSHOP WORK at the below link. Mike Rivero is nailing their sorry scumbag asses to the proverbial cross with TRUTH there.

    this is not a plug for Rivero. IT IS A PLUG FOR THE GODDAMNED TRUTH….

    Comment by THE TRUTH | May 7, 2011

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