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Record Number of Americans Targeted by National Security Letters

By Julian Sanchez | CATO | May 6, 2011

The latest report to Congress on the Justice Department’s use of foreign intelligence surveillance powers has just been released, and it shows a truly stunning increase in the number of Americans whose sensitive phone, Internet, and banking records were obtained by the FBI — without judicial oversight — pursuant to National Security Letters. In 2009, a total of 14,788 NSL requests were issued targeting U.S. persons — a number that excludes requests for “basic subscriber information” as opposed to phone or e-mail logs — and 6,114 different Americans were affected by those demands for information. In 2010, the number of NSL requests targeting Americans rose to 24,287.

What’s really shocking, however, is the number of people affected. A whopping 14,212 American citizens and permanent residents had records of their financial, telephone, and online activity seized last year.  The previous record, set in 2005, was 9,475. Were you one of those 14,212? If so, what did the FBI get? Thanks to the gag orders that come with NSLs, you will almost certainly never get to find out. But even if the Bureau decides there’s no reason to continue investigating you, whatever data they obtained — lists of phone numbers, credit card purchases, financial transactions, e-mail correspondents, or IP addresses visited — are likely to remain in a massive government database indefinitely

This pattern suggests that the Bureau is doing broader but shallower investigation — sweeping more people into the information vacuum, but issuing fewer requests per person, presumably because the results of the initial request provide few grounds for further scrutiny.  Needless to say, the overwhelming majority of those people are not terrorists — and, indeed, are probably guilty of nothing more than a second- or third-degree connection to the subject of an investigation. Remember, as expiring Patriot Act provisions come up for re-authorization at the end of this month: These tools are fundamentally not about spying on terrorists. The government has always had ample power to do that. They’re about authority to spy on the innocent.

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  1. I am one of them. once I de-linked the fake and wholly bogus planted FDR data from FLT-77 from any actual aircraft about a month ago, NSL letters caused my bank accounts to be closed, and my e-mail to be closed.

    will I remain silent? absolutely fucking not!

    they can kiss my ass. I have a military service record that is unblemished, and I have had responsibilities far beyond the average citizen, which I have faithfully
    executed and upheld.

    a lot of you know exactly who I am, and I am telling you that this government is so out of control and totally IN OUTER SPACE SANS HELMETS that they are targeting anyone who does 9/11 truth research work.

    I’m proud of my work to uncover their LIES and their cover ups of their TREASON on 9/11, and I won’t be silenced.

    I WILL NOT BE SILENCED, fuckers!

    Comment by 9/11 researcher | May 6, 2011

  2. Those who hate what is happening in the world today, stand behind you. This world wide battle between good and evil, truth and lies/deceit/deceptions… will be won by those, like you, who will NOT be intimidated by these narcissistic sociopaths.. their days are numbered, TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

    Comment by Joyce | May 7, 2011

    • thank you, Joyce, and if I may be so incorrect as to also thank Clarence for his posting below in this single reply up here, I would like to do that.

      I am not a religious person, but I do believe in the fact that there are two forces at work here, one is good, and the other is evil. a number of years back, George W. Bush made this statement, and I am going to paraphrase him because I am uncertain that these are his exact words but I believe they are; “You are either with us or against US, you are either evil or you are good..” Anyone who looks at what he just said, in it’s truest sense, was to identify himself as EVIL and any of us not with him were by default, GOOD…by his statement. In times like this, fighting this scumbag gobvarmint as I call it, has to be done by not just myself, but every man, woman, and yes, even children, who have the awareness to understand what is going on here and speak out against this tyranny.

      we are at a critical juncture in time, and as I have excoriated some of my alleged friends for hand wringing and cowardice, I also know that not everyone has enough intestinal fortitude to fight when the odds seem so lopsided. But the odds are not lopsided against us. We are the majority, and they are the small and totally wrong minded and quite evil people trying to destroy not only each and every one of us, but the nation itself.

      we all absolutely can and absolutely must stand up to this and not surrender or cow down to it. the only way to beat this evil that has taken our nation over is to look it in the eye, and I do mean, each and every one of you as well, and say; “uh, no…you are NOT GOING TO TURN THIS INTO A DICTATORSHIP CHARNEL HOUSE…”

      and indeed, it is imperative that we all understand that acquiescence to evil and to tyranny is a recipe for our own destruction as a nation. We must never, ever surrender to them..under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

      Comment by 9/11 researcher | May 8, 2011

      • You are absolutely right, Researcher. You have Righteous indignation, as well as others who love Justice.. another name for God. Relig-osity is for those who love to follow lucifer/satan..the name for evil. i.e. confusion, deception. Spirituality is what we have.. knowing that we have that inherent right to be free, that God Himself GAVE us that right in heaven. The whole problem is ‘they’ have made such a mockery of the non holy bible that it is a sham to read, something else to elevate evil, without us being aware of it. I have searched out the ‘truth’ of it all, since I have such a love for ‘purity’ if you will, and I KNOW their lies.. ALL of them.. which is ALL they want us to know.. they know that our knowledge is dangerous to them, and the truth is all being exposed.. this is the time of the ‘apocolypse’ which means the revelation of TRUTH. WE have to rely on our spiritual sense, our Gods still small voice speaking to us, not only through the voice, but by His actions, through us. I have lived my whole life, not knowing why I have surprised myself by doing what I do, when I KNOW that I wouldn’t have done it that way.. it was GOD leading me into places I should NOT have been, fighting a fight that on my own, should NOT have fought.. but now I know it is the SPIRITUAL battle for Gods people, and most do not realise it. When we understand WHERE we came from, WHY we are here and WHAT is happening and GOING to happen, then we have the UNDERSTANDING that ‘they’ have and THEN we become the VICTORS of the war THEY started in Heaven.. since the bible was written by ‘them’ and FOR them, it was to confuse us. They couldn’t hide the whole truth, because then we couldn’t search out what is happening, but I have made it my business to KNOW.

        Scofield and his wife wrote the much acclaimed ‘scofield bible’.. do a search and see how evil they are.. the TRUE word of God is so damaging to them, it is hidden under steel locked doors under the vatican.. have you ever looked into the popes eyes? They are the eyes of evility personified.. and he is revered.. read Rev. 12 about the war in Heaven, the psyopants that now operate this world is lucifer and his millions of rebellious egotists.. God created this secluded planet for them to do their dirty work.. but He didn’t let them go ‘all they way’. He sent US. His family and dearest friends.. the only ones who loved HIM enough to endure what we endure.. we ‘knew’ then what we were ‘getting’ into, but we said YES, we will go. God could have destroyed all the evil ones in one blink if He so chose.. but He is a JUST and righeous God.. He let them go the distance.. we see evility in its’ basest form.
        We see what God is doing to the earth.. He tells us over and over in the book of Isaiah, if you can wade through the crap about israel, which wasn’t even created until 1947, when the jews, aka ‘nazis’ marched into the country that belonged to Arabs and stole it. They think they can get away with it all, but God is watching until the time He has chosen. NOT THEM. He has a mysterious plan, which He will bring forth on the day of armageddon.. it was prophesied in Isaiah 66.. Rev 17,18,19 tells of amerikas destruction. It is happening now.. Rev 6 tells of the order in which it will happen with the White, Red, Black etc Horses.. it is coming.. this is hell. But God is God. He has great plans for us, those who are fighting His fight.. even though I am often as angry as you, and I certainly use profanity at the evilness of what we have to endure, but it is ALL Gods plan and we WILL win.. God is HUGE, I have seen Him in action doing things that make me shake my head, not only in complete and utter awe, but also with great pride that THIS is the ONE I serve.. I know we have a wonderful future, we are almost done. Can you imagine what we have to look forward to, when we stand face to face with Him, and He tells us that we have made Him proud… fight the good fight.. it is ALL for a reason.. the reason??? There will NEVER be an evil rebellion in Heaven again, and we will live our peaceful lives, with Him, and each other, FOREVER. I can’t wait to see YOU in Heaven.

        Comment by Joyce | May 8, 2011

  3. I don’t live in America, neither am I an american citizen, but I am quite sure that they have me flagged also based on some happenings that occur from time to time when I am on certain websites. Quite frankly, I could care less, because if they are going to be wasting their precious time peeking behind me and allowing the real terrorist to operate freely; well it would be to their own detriment.
    What I want to say to them because I know that they read all these sites too is that I am also on God’s database, the most important database that there is any where on Earth or Mars and their stupid and unnecessary surveillance isn’t bothering me.

    Comment by Clarence | May 7, 2011

  4. Clarence… I have often posted about God, here, and on other sites, but to this countrys’ most egregious sin, they don’t often ‘like’ the posts that mention our Holy One, the creator of billions of inhabited planets.. this one is the one HE created to be hell, where His people fight for the love of Him. One of His names is Truth. He has many wonderful names, and as you are aware, the day of victory is at hand.. and I just want to say to those naysayers who know that I have always said the time is immenent, I am 66 years old, and every day of my life on earth has ALWAYS been immenent to me..about going back to Heaven where I belong. With Him. These times of evil are suffocating to me.. the evil is palatable. All things are coming together…. just as HE said it would.

    Comment by Joyce | May 7, 2011

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