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French lawyer to prosecute NATO for crimes in Libya

Afrique en ligne | May 9, 2011

A complaint will be filed in the coming days in Brussels, Belgium, against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for ‘crimes’ committed in Libya, including the killing of the Libyan leader’s son and his three grandchildren, French lawyer Philippe Missamou, announced Thursday to PANA. ‘This is a complaint for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I am filing it in Belgium because it is the headquarters of NATO. The Belgian court is competent to assess this complaint,’ said the lawyer, who is known for handling political issues. He openly accused NATO of violating the rules of armed conflict in its actions in Libya particularly the protection of civilians.

‘For instance the attack of the residence of the son of Libyan leader: it is absolutely not a military objective. It’s a murder that should not go unpunished. We will use all legal means to obtain redress’, said Missamou.

‘What is happening in Libya has nothing to do with events in Tunisia and Egypt. In Libya, we are witnessing an armed insurrection. Insurgents loot, kill, burn. It is the duty of the Tripoli regime to respond by all means. What do we want authorities to do? Idly standby? It’s unthinkable,’ added the lawyer.

Several organizations from the diaspora, including the Federation of African Workers in France (FETAF), and the Association of Guineans residing abroad (AGRE), have recently expressed their outrage about the NATO air strikes on Libya.

The heads of these organizations have mainly sought a cease-fire while demanding immediate acceptance of a political solution under the auspices of the African Union (AU).

May 8, 2011 - Posted by | War Crimes


  1. well, this probe should go exactly ‘nowhere’ just like all the other ones that would have indicated the people of the Earth had some recourse for assholes like the O’Puppet and his ROTHSCHILDS murderers in London, when they get so out of control they deem they can target any one of us for any reason and then begin to launch cruise missiles and bombing runs against us for speaking TRUTH TO POWER.

    Khadaffi has been ‘doubled’ shafted by the Untitled Snakes and it’s NATO scumballs in his life, and truly either should seek relief in some world court venue, or hire someone to murder the acting heads of every NATO country that attacked him, including the Untitled Snakes.

    then perhaps they’ll ‘get it’ that just because you have military superiority that doesn’t mean you can’t get picked off by a sniper at a thousand yards with your picture on top of his rifle in the crosshairs.

    this shit has to end…and I hope Khadaffi gets something but like I said, no amount of money would or could ever repay him, and it’s unlikely the French court will actually see this thru with indictments for the Untitled Snakes and Britain in the dock.

    Comment by THIS WILL GO EXACTLY NOWHERE | May 8, 2011

    • you left out the incubator babies, the raped cats, and lastly, the ones about how Khadaffi flicked boogers at his subjects…

      don’t you Pornogon shills ever sleep??

      Comment by DO SHILLS EVER SLEEP?? | May 9, 2011

  2. All three comments are a joy to read and it shows that we still have people who are awake and of sound mind.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | May 9, 2011

  3. it’s the thought that counts. the jewdiciary put g bush2 in the white house.
    how about Nuremberg 2 for these crimes?

    Comment by boycott kosher | May 9, 2011

  4. Bla bla bla. NATO, over 6 Mil. of libyan would like to say Thank you and please drop more of these .

    Comment by British Libyan | May 12, 2011

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