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Israeli official to Clinton: Declare Turkey a terror-supporting state

TODAYSZAMAN – 02 September 2011

A hawkish Israeli politician reportedly wrote a letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday, asking the US to declare Turkey a terror-supporting state, the Jerusalem Post reported early on Friday.

Danny Danon, who is also deputy Knesset speaker, wrote a letter to Clinton after Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu warned Israel to apologize until the UN releases its report in which he called on Washington to impose sanctions on Turkey and call it a terror-supporting state.

“Turkey has gotten closer to Iran and constitutes a direct continuation of the axis of evil. The government in Washington must answer the Turkish problem before it is too late,” Danon wrote, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The Israeli official called for economic and diplomatic sanctions against Turkey until Ankara changes its ways and abandons what he said “the way of terror.”

“The Turks have crossed the line. They supported the flotilla, they support terror and they dare to ask Israel to apologize to them,” Danon said.

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  1. Now lets see while Clinton deliver on her paymasters warning? If you think about it…Turkey, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Russia, Yemen, Bahrain, et al…could make a huge problem for Israel. If the people in these countries band together against Israel and her apartheid regime, Israel would use her nuclear weapons on those nations. Clinton and her zionized State Dept, have a problem. They have already proven they are in the pockets of Israel, and Israel is brazen enough to say so. Israel’s demands are an embarassment for the Obama administration. He will either allow Biden, Clinton and Susan Rice all admitted 100% zionists to run that show, or he will find his cahones and tell them to stop catering to Israel. The chances of him doing that, when he needs to be reelected are slim to none. Its interested that Jewish americans are such a minority yet they have all the big bucks which is why AIPAC can put the fear into politicans…blackmailing them. The Israelies have something on every politican in DC and they would use it, if the congress doesnt go along to get along. When will the masses in this country unelect every politcican who has chosen a foreign country over this country?

    Comment by spktruth200 | September 4, 2011

  2. “Axis of evil” is sooo 80’s.

    So the scene is this: A race of Khazarians from Southern Russia become wealthy bankers and offer England financial help in exchange for Palestine claiming they are the “Jews” of the Biblical myth but in fact are not Hebrews and have no real claim to the Semitic Palestinian land. They then spend the next 50 years murdering, raping, imprisoning, etc. the natives of that area.

    And now, when some people finally have the testicles to stand up to these butchering bastards the Israelis whine that those people are “terrorists” and yes we may have killed 34 American sailors on the USS Liberty; and we did kill 9 innocent people last year of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla; and we were envolved in 9/11; but…

    The law of consequence is unavoidable.

    Comment by Frank | September 4, 2011

    • Not to mention the law of compensation, principle of cause and effect and my personal favorite (as it applies to Israel and ZATO) is rhythm. All great civilizations follow an almost predictable pattern of rising and falling, like an ocean’s tide. Yes, the treatment they have doled out on the Palestinians and their continued deceit and treachery will come full circle. It is nice to see that others are becoming aware of universal principles that cannot be bribed, intimidated, bullied or blackmailed. The fraudulent state of Israel will be held to account for their crimes but, unfortunately, those truly responsible for the planning of genocide will be able to find a dark hole or simply jet to their island resort. Yes, America should be proud that they have helped fatten the wallets of these same psychopaths. No, not “Jews” but rather Zionists and the Likud party.

      Comment by brightsorcerer | September 10, 2011

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