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Police cracking down on media at OWS?

on November 17, 2011

Not only are police cracking down on the Occupy movement protesters but also on journalist. According to some reporters police have denied them access to cover the Occupy movement. In New York reporters with NYPD press passes are being physically removed from the scene and some even arrested.

November 17, 2011 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Full Spectrum Dominance, Solidarity and Activism, Video

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  1. the reason for this is that the police have been given their orders by DHS and the orifice of the puppet who’s in Australia being an absentee puppet during a time of crisis in his own imploding country.

    the police will soon begin to kill protesters. they’re hoping that the lack of press coverage will buy them time to deploy the United Nations troops and lock down the U.S.

    unfortunately, that won’t work. many of us monitor shortwave broadcasts and get our news from people who live in these cities and broadcast updates. so far they have not been jamming shortwave signals, not yet.

    so the news will get out there once they murder the first protesters. then the gloves will indeed come off.

    count on that. they will come off.

    Comment by the gloves will come off | November 17, 2011

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