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Has Anyone Seen Those Syrian “Deserters”?

Moon of Alabama | November 17, 2011

“Western” media are pushing the tale of Syrian Army defectors attacking Syrian security forces. Note that the only sources for these tales are “activists” in London and elsewhere.

I do not doubt that there are attacks on Syrian forces. I sincerely doubt that these are done by army defectors. Notice that these attacks started as early as April, more than half a year ago, at a time when no “western” media, despite the public evidence, wrote of armed rebellion at all, just of “peaceful protesters”. Only now are media reporting attacks by armed groups, but these reports are either fake or come without backing from any independent source:

Deserters from the Syrian Army reportedlycarried out attacks against the offices of the Syrian ruling Baath party in northwestern Syria on Thursday, a day after they claimed an assault on an intelligence base that Russia, Syria’s closest ally, said was bringing the country closer to civil war.The Syrian government did not mention either attack, which were reported by activists, citing the accounts of local residents, and their scale and effectiveness was not clear.

There has not been one bit of evidence that those who attack the Syrian forces are really army defectors. Any real army defectors would likely leave with heavier weapons and would be able to bring up more organized challenges than isolated road ambushes and a few shots against official buildings.

I find it much more likely that the attacks, if they happened at all, were committed by Sunni Syrians loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood or to the exiled former Baath functionaries Abdul Halim Khaddam and Rifaat al-Assad and under the tutelage of Qatari or Jordanian special forces. This of course with U.S. and Israeli support.

It increases the chance for a successful rebellion but I still regard that chance as quite small.

November 18, 2011 - Posted by | Deception, Mainstream Media, Warmongering

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  1. Thank you, Moon, very observant.

    Comment by Jaclyn Alexandrou | November 20, 2011

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