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Low-Dose Radiation ☢ Department of Energy Study

| January 22, 2012

Sources cited:

DOE: “Supporting Our Nation’s Nuclear Industry”

DOE low-dose study:

DOE low-dose study press release

DOE Low Dose Radiation Research Program:

Evidence Pyramid

Bhatti et al (2010) finds high genetic damage at low doses in vivo

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  1. Even in 1969, Ernest Sternglass was arguing that even the linear model underestimated the damage of low levels of radiation.
    In 1987, I was having lunch with the President of Batelle Northwest which operated part of the Hanford site in Washington state. He said that since it was proven that a small amount of radiation was healthy, Hanford was doing everyone a favor by letting out a bit now and then. I choked on what I was chewing.

    Comment by Marty | January 24, 2012 | Reply

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