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Three African-Americans shot dead in Oklahoma

Press TV – April 7, 2012

At least three African-Americans have been killed and two others injured in separate shootings in the US state of Oklahoma in what is perceived as a racially-motivated attack.

The shooting spree happened in north Tulsa, Oklahoma early Friday morning, AP reported.

All five victims were out walking when they were shot, homicide detective Sgt. Dave Walker said.

He added that police think the shootings are linked because they happened around the same time in the same general area.

Police do not believe the victims knew one another and are trying to determine the circumstances behind the killings.

The Tulsa Police Department named the victims as Dannaer Fields, 49, Bobby Clarke, 54, and 31-year-old William Allen.

Detectives are searching for a white pickup truck that a white male was driving around the area at the time of the shootings.

Meanwhile, Tulsa police spokesman Capt. Jonathan Brooks said investigators were looking into whether the shootings may have been possible hate crimes.

The murder of a young African-American in Florida brought to light the case of hate crimes in the US.

The unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in February.

Zimmerman claimed that he had acted in self-defense, saying that the victim slammed his head into the pavement repeatedly before he fired the gunshot. He has not been charged with any crime.

Last month, the 22-year-old African-American Rekia Boyd was fatally shot by an off-duty Chicago police officer.

The issue of hate crimes is one of the most controversial topics in the Unites States, and has sparked demonstrations across the country.

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  1. I read every article that you send in email every day and put a lot of faith in the articles that you post and I forward them to several people, however, I must say that there was no need for any more coverage of the
    Zimmerman/Trayon incident. I live in Florida, USA and about twenty miles from Sanford. We have had NOTHING in our papers or on television news except coverage of it. It seems that the Jewpapers and media have decided to crucify Zimmerman while ignoring eyewitness accounts of the true story.

    Next, Negro attacks, rapes, robbery,and murder on Caucasions are completely ignored in the media coverage when they are, in fact, actually fifty times more prevalent than Caucasian attacks on Negroes. Those attacks NEVER make the News. If one should by chance slip into the news momentarily it is covered up so quickly and deeply that it is never seen again.

    Comment by Annabel | April 7, 2012

    • Annabel,

      It may be that there is an attempt underway to incite racial unrest so as to give the state yet more power over the citizens. Or perhaps there may be another motive behind the shootings as well as the media focus. I try to remain open minded to any possibility.

      Comment by aletho | April 7, 2012

  2. When citizens are killing each other then the government can save some its own ammo.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | April 7, 2012

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