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Israeli TV Ad Promotes Construction of Jewish Temple

PNN | July 24, 2012

On Tuesday, July 24, Israeli television broadcast one of the first new advertisements that promote and call for the “construction of the alleged Jewish Temple” on the ruins of the al-Aqsa mosque which Israelis seek to destroy.

The new ad shows an Israeli family spending a day at the beach: the father is reading news about the new Egyptian president Mohammad Mursi, and his children are building the temple in the sand. The message conveyed the idea that children are completing what their parents couldn’t do.

Then the father notices the temple, throws the newspaper on the ground and the camera zooms onto the picture of Mursi. Israelis try to show with the ad that even after the election of Mursi as a President, Israel will not be halted or prevented from building the temple.

It’s worth mentioning that the Temple Israel Board of Trustees group expressed more than once their concerns about electing Mursi the President of Egypt. In their opinion it may hinder Israel’s rights to build the temple.

It appears obvious that the group has started a psychological war against President Mursi.

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