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Ottawa orders Canadian scientific journals not to publish Iranian articles

Press TV – December 19, 2012

The Canadian government has reportedly ordered the scientific journals of the country not to publish articles authored by Iranian researchers and scientists.

Iranian academics, who had primarily received an acceptance from the journals, have received new messages that notified them of the journals’ decision not to publish their work due to recent policies adopted by the Canadian government.

In a recent move, the Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research refused to publish an article by an Iranian assistant professor despite the earlier acceptance of the article.

The journal argued that it “will not be permitted to publish” the article as previously stated, citing the political and non-academic reasons. It said that Ottawa had closed down its mission in Tehran for what it called the “civil rights abuse of the citizens of Iran” and “the threat to the security of Canadian personnel and Israel.”

On September 7, the Canadian government closed its embassy in Tehran and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave Canada within five days.

In a statement, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada views Iran “as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world,” adding that Iran “routinely threatens the existence of Israel.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast censured Ottawa’s decision as undiplomatic and a move in line with the policies dictated by Israel.

“The hostile actions of the current racist Canadian government are in fact in line with the policies that are dictated by the Zionist regime (Israel) and the British government,” Mehmanparast said.

Pundits believe Canada’s move to sever diplomatic ties with Iran unveils Ottawa’s submissive attitude toward the Israeli regime.

“Canada’s abrupt move to sever all ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran manifestly springs from a strong Zionist sway which has permeated the political structure of the country,” Iranian academic Ismail Salami wrote in an op-ed published on Press TV website on September 11.

The analyst said that, governed as a constitutional monarchy with British Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state, Canada could be viewed as a country “supporting colonizing regimes such as Israel and seeking to isolate the peaceful nation of Iran.”

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird have time and again expressed unconditional support for Israel, and are widely believed for dancing to every tune of Israel.

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  1. Harper & Baird with their unconditional support for the Zionist fascist regime makes them both traitors

    Comment by B Benhamid | December 19, 2012

  2. The management of Canada has come all the way out of the closet and what an outfit it is wearing. I will not give a total description but the eye catching dog collar seems to have stolen the show. The owner of the dog is slightly out of focus as they duck into the U.N. but word has it they will meet up with their pal the miniature poodle Micronesia. We hope to have a better chance at figuring out who is who once the game of International democracy gets underway.

    Comment by R. Olausen | December 19, 2012

  3. further details about this Canadian government order to ban publication of Iranian research is needed.  Michaell\\

    Comment by Michael Major | December 19, 2012

    • I agree…like the name of the assistant professor. Can’t follow up the story with Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research without it.

      Comment by Vic | December 20, 2012

      • My guess is that the Journal cited Canada’s unilateral sanctions, the Special Economic Measures Act. Whether or not this was a specific order from a government official pertaining to this specific case is not really clear in the article.

        Perhaps, as with the Apple store in the US refusing to sell an IPhone to an Iranian-American, this is only extreme interpretation of the sanctions on the part of the Journal.

        Comment by aletho | December 20, 2012

  4. If the Canadian people believe that their government must censor what scientific information is available to them, like children, then that is to their loss. If you examine the nations that censor information and call for sanctions of nations, they are all bi-products of one of the darkest periods of human history. They never really evolved from that stage and if you look at their societies today with the extremes of wealth and poverty, they do resemble medieval societies. These societies are afraid of information that can work for the general good of all of their citizens. Who knows how many centuries the Canadian government has put its citizens back by.

    The Canadian government wants its people to follow the self-appointed custodians of the historical lands where peace and goodwill to all men was preached but such a doctrine was never accepted by the custodians, In the case of the custodians, their doctrine is more “an eye for an eye” and if you can get more, then take as much as you can. We have all been witnessing in the disproportionate use of force, the preoccupation with more and more deadly weapons of mass annihilation of mankind through the proxy politicians by the custodians in various nations.

    It is all part of their propaganda machinery to discredit the historical leaders of science of the Muslims and to project that the Muslims are warmongers, while they are peace seekers. So, you put the Muslim scientists in a dark hole, isolate them from other scientists. It’s also evidence of the extent to which the Muslim scientists are feared so you muzzle them. What a sad day for mankind.

    Comment by Ribeekah | December 19, 2012

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