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US Court Rules Syrian Government Responsible for Kidnapping of American in Turkey

By Noel Brinkerhoff | AllGov | January 5, 2013

The government of Syria has been ordered by a U.S. federal court to pay $338 million in damages for supporting a terrorist group that kidnapped Americans two decades ago.

One of those kidnapped, Marvin Wilson, sued the Syrian government along with the family of Ronald Wyatt, who died of cancer several years after their release from the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), a Kurdish nationalist group in Turkey that has been designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department since 1997.

The two men were part of an archeology expedition searching for remains of Noah’s Ark in Turkey when, in August 1991, members of the PKK captured and held them for three weeks.

The plaintiffs sued the Damascus government claiming it had allowed the PKK to operate from Syrian territory, and provided financial support and training to the terrorist group.

District Court Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that Syria was “vicariously liable” for the kidnapping, and ordered the government to pay $38 million in compensatory damages to the plaintiffs and another $300 million in punitive damages.

“The brutal character of the kidnapping in this case, the significant harm it caused both the hostage plaintiffs and their families, along with Syria’s demonstrated and well known policy to encourage terrorism all merit an award of punitive damages,” Lamberth wrote.

During their ordeal, Wilson and Wyatt were force-marched for 18 hours and repeatedly beaten by their captors, according to the plaintiffs.

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  1. This is preposterous! PKK is one of the US imperil terrorist gangs, used in Iraq most recently and allied with Israel.

    Noah’s Ark is mythology as much as Jacob’s latter, and all such theological fables. If used as a cover for CIA, that would makes sense; it seems to have a quirkier sense of humor, tempered by arrogant stupidity.

    I think that in court of world public opinion judge Royce Lamberth would be judged as biased and mean spirited, with a political agenda, which I surmise is predicated on a presumptive Zionist mindset.

    Let us not forget or overlook the fact, that Barack Obama’s maternal grandmother managed the Bank of Hawaii, know as the CIA’s bank there. Likewise, so was his mother involved as a money conduit. So, President Obama is 3rd generation CIA, comes from a CIA family. And if belongs to any community at all, it is the CIA. And as for lawsuits, how about one for campaign fraud for Obama? But, it is common knowledge that he is a liar, war criminal, and the most dangerous man in the world; due to collaboration of the congress, courts, mass media, and self-censorship sickening public discourse in America today.

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | January 5, 2013

  2. In 1988, Ron was on his way to jail, in the US, for failing to pay his taxes, up to $100,000. He had lost is house already, as partial payment. Mary Nell, seeing unlimited money potential with Ron’s life story and work, payed off the tax money, on the condition he would marry her and give her access to his work. She has really made money off this man.

    Comment by KJLankford | September 17, 2016

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