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Civilian casualties from French air strikes mounting in Mali

January 27, 2013

Human rights groups and journalists have complained that they have not been permitted access to Malian war zones. They have also not been given information on civilian and military casualties. After being contacted by Press TV, France’s Ministry of Defense said that there have been no civilian casualties, thanks to the precision of their air strikes. This claim of military perfection has been trumpeted since the beginning of the invasion. But the mayor of the Malian town of Konna recently declared that 11 civilians died as a result of French air strikes, including women and children. No one knows if there have been similar deaths in other areas of conflict, because since the war started Mali’s government has not issued a single figure about the war’s human casualties. Malian soldiers have been accused of summarily executing dozens of people, some only because of their ethnicity or for lacking identity papers.

Ramin Mazaheri, Press TV, Paris

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  1. I do not expect to get war deaths from any operation France undertakes on the African continent or elsewhere involving black and brown people for that matter. The official figure for war deaths in Libya were never released after the indigenous enclaves were bombed day and night by France and its coalition partners. History is a good gauge nevertheless for what is happening in Mali at this time. We have France records on the island of Haiti and what it thinks of the value of black and brown lives. Its excursions in Algeria, Syria and more recently Libya. There is no reason to think that the reason why it”s blocking surveillance of its operations is to hide the level of brutality as it conducts its ethnic cleansing.

    Comment by Ribeekah | January 28, 2013

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