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Argentine president “shaken” by AMIA attack warning

Pagina 12* | February 9, 2013

A0732793President Cristina Fernández Kirchner said she was “shaken” by the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) President Guillermo Borger’s statement yesterday that the memorandum of understanding which Argentina signed with Iran to bring clarification to the 1994 bombing of the Jewish center “would give rise to a third attack.”

Through Twitter, the president asked “what is it that you know to (make) such a terrible statement?” and she considered that “the people and the Judiciary should and deserve to know what (he) knows.”

Yesterday, when asked about the agreement, which as of Wednesday will be debated by three Senate committees, Borger warned that “to advance in the agreement is to open the door to a third attack, it would be total submission.” The review was in line with the president of the Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas (DAIA), Julio Schlosser, who also rejected the memorandum and considered the official text lacking in the “clarity that the cause deserves.”

In a series of messages on her Twitter account, president Fernández went on to question Borger’s claims and asked: “If a terrorist attack did occur because of Argentina’s agreement with Iran, who would be the intellectual and physical mastermind?”

She added: “It’s clear that it could never be the signatory countries. Could it be those who have rejected the agreement? Countries, people, or intelligence services? Who?”

President Fernández said that she considers Borger to be “a respectable person” but nevertheless said she read his statements “with great concern.” For this reason she said that “the Argentine people in general and the Judiciary in particular should and deserve to know what you know Guillermo Borger,” to have made that warning.

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  1. Esto es lo que ésos quieren para Argentina: A ver AMIA et altri, ¿qué traen entre manos? El mundo está atento a su respuesta. Que Dios les bendiga, los aparte del mal e ilumine su camino.
    Irán tiene un banco central público como se supone que sea (todo el supuesto “eje del mal” tenía eso en común). Casualmente Argentina también controla públicamente su moneda. Son ¡libres! Vamos a no serles útiles a la satánica banca usurera, la de las monedas trucadas envenenadas con interés oculto, la que hizo subyugar ya a casi todo el planeta con bancos centrales emisores de moneda sucia privados.
    La estrategia que Argentina e Irán idearon es formidable: protege la inocencia argentina (y la inocencia es la mejor defensa) y permite a Irán demostrar la suya, ayudando a la humanidad a protegerla de la inconcebiblemente horrible suerte de Iraq, la cual no puede repetirse para nadie jamás.
    Ojalá alguien hubiese amado a EEUU lo suficiente para evitarle eso–estamos apoyando a Ron Paul–futuro presidente de EEUU si Dios así lo quiere. Otro triunfo para la Sra. F. de K.

    Comment by La Ardilla | February 10, 2013

  2. Internacional Zionism with its “only” spoiled child – place in Palestine called Israel – display openly its endless aggressive behaviour….Argentine should kick out israels ambasador/mosad agent – for start. Many nations would soon follow.
    Biggest and most tragig mistake of UN from 1948 based on relatively noble idea after WW2 will yet bring horrors to Mankind in 4 corners and Humanity will dearly regret creation of place called Israel. peter czech

    Comment by peter vojta | February 10, 2013

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