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Bahrain: Crushing Dissent

Ongoing suppression of activists and political opposition in Bahrain

Tensions remain at all time high, with political leaders and activists behind bars, the situation in Bahrain shows no sign of abating.

Reports of ill treatment and police brutality continue to emerge from Jau, the country’s main prison, as the authorities crack down on detainees.

The recent sentencing of opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman has created a further political deadlock sparking mass protests across the country.

As demonstrations sweep across the country, and Western leaders continue their silence in this episode of Infocus we investigate how the authorities are continuing to suppress dissenting voices in the country.

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Are Zionist terrorist settlers backed by the Israeli regime?

Press TV

After the burning alive of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh by a fanatical Zionist settler, the world has reacted with outrage.

The attack was so horrendous that even Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu distanced himself from it, calling it an act of terrorism.

But on today’s show we will be asking to what extent Israel is responsible for the activities of its extremists. Are these fanatical terrorists really just a few bad apples, as Netanyahu would have us believe?

Or are they the product of decades of deliberate Zionist policy to colonize stolen land?

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US ‘shamefully’ refuse to release Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo despite UK pressure


Shaker Aamer © Wikipedia
RT | August 20, 2015

American authorities are “shamefully” refusing to release Shaker Aamer, the last British resident detained at Guantanamo Bay, despite calls from Prime Minister David Cameron for the prisoner to be freed, a lawyer has claimed.

Aamer’s legal counsel Ramzi Kassem called on the British government to pressure the White House further after President Barack Obama promised to “prioritize” his case in January.

Kassem also blasted the US government for refusing to allow Aamer access to independent doctors, despite concerns over the neutrality of army medical personnel.

The New York-based lawyer said the physical condition of Aamer, who has been imprisoned without trial for 14 years, “deteriorates with each passing day.”

Kassem filed a 26-page motion at a court in Washington calling for the British resident to be examined by two independent doctors and an army doctor to gauge how Aamer is coping with post-traumatic stress.

The Department of Defense has rejected the request, claiming it is too “difficult.”

Aamer’s last independent assessment took place in October 2013, when Californian psychiatrist Dr. Emily Keram described he had been mentally “destroyed” by interrogators, who allegedly subjected him to sleep deprivation and beatings.

Law professor Kassem expressed dismay at the reluctance of US authorities to release Aamer.

“It is truly shameful that we have to litigate every step of the way despite the prime minister’s demand and the president’s pledge to prioritize Shaker’s case,” he said.

“The UK government must press the White House to make good on its promise. The only thing more shameful are the arguments the US government is making in court to prevent Shaker’s examination.”

Cameron raised the issue with Obama on his official visit to the US earlier this year.

Obama promised to “prioritize” the case in January, but Aamer’s legal team claim nothing has been done to progress his case.

Writing in the Guardian last Friday, Aamer’s UK lawyer Clive Stafford Smith claimed the US military has deliberately ignored Obama’s order in breach of the constitution.

“President Obama, it seems, has personally ordered Aamer’s release, and his subordinates have ignored and thwarted his order,” Smith wrote.

“The contravention of the president’s orders indicates that there is a profound problem with the state of democracy in America.”

Kassem slammed the US government for not taking Aamer’s physical and mental health seriously.

He condemned the United States’ “self-servingly attempts to dismiss Mr. Aamer’s reliably-diagnosed and grave ailments as only ‘minor long-term impairments.’”

Aamer has never been charged with a crime or faced trial since he arrived at the high security prison in Cuba.

In describing his treatment at Guantanamo Bay, Aamer said he was stripped of his pride.

“I was not a human being any more. I meant nothing to them. I lost my dignity, my pride,” he said.

“I had to take off my underwear and hand it to them. I had sleep deprivation for 11 days. That made me crazy. They poured cold water over me. They kept me standing for 20 hours a day. I had to hold my hands and arms out.

“All of the statements I made at Bagram were during the sleep deprivation. I would have said anything. I told them, ‘I will tell you I am Bin Laden if you want me to,’” he said.

Aamer was arrested in 2001 in Afghanistan and subsequently moved to Guantanamo Bay, where in 2007 the US military claimed he was a “close associate” of Osama Bin Laden and a “recruiter, financier, and facilitator” for Al-Qaeda.

The Saudi citizen has always insisted he was only in the country to perform charitable work and said he confessed to being a jihadist while being tortured at the hands of the CIA.

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Israeli-Palestinian Musician’s Subversive Critique of Mizrahi Politics-Culture

By Richard Silverstein | Tikun Olam | August 20, 2015

The controversial Israeli-Palestinian performer, Jowan Safadi, produced a new song, It’s Hard to Be an Arab, which features a provocative YouTube video. When I first listened to it without knowing anything about Safadi, I thought he might be a Mizrahi Jew satirizing his own ethnic community’s prejudices.  But after hearing the song’s lyrics, it became clearer that he was a Palestinian commenting on the ironies of being an Mizrahi “Arab” in an Ashkenazi dominated State.

The song is deeply subversive. It portrays a deep-seated form of self-loathing (or at least inferiority) that besets Mizrahim who seek, above all, to be accepted despite their alienness within a society and culture dominated by Ashkenazi-ness.

Here are the lyrics:

Hardcore homophobes
Are the most gay on the inside
Mizrahi Arabophobes
Are themselves Arabs
Who are just afraid
And prefer to stay in the closet
Because they know, they know best
That to be an Arab is not so great

It’s hard to be an Arab
It’s really hard, just ask me
It’s hard to be an Arab
How much can one be black
Under the rule of the rich and white
In a nation of racists.

Sephardis, Mizrahis
Once they too were Arabs
They changed their names
To change their fate
Because they know, they know best
They know better than anyone
They know, they know best
They paid the bloody price
They learned it on their skin

It’s hard to be an Arab
It’s really hard, ask me
It’s hard to be an Arab
How much can one be black
Under the rule of the rich and white
In the racist state

Listen to me, dude
You need to know where you came from
And where you’re going to
And what you’re gonna find
Standing in the streets and chanting death to Arabs and such shit
You’re an Arab man, more fucked than I am

Hey you imported Arab,
Take it from a local Arab
You were dragged here
To settle in my place

It’s hard to be an Arab
It’s really hard, ask me
It’s hard to be an Arab
How much can one be black
Under the rule of the rich and white
In the land of Palestine.

A portion of the video is fairly static and boring with Safadi singing in the backseat of a car with women swaying and accompanying him. But the really interesting part of the video includes a side story featuring a Mizrahi dressing himself for confrontation with Safadi. In preparation, he dresses and makes himself up much like an actor before taking to the stage.  He puts on a t-shirt displaying a Lehava logo (the anti-miscegenation, terror-supporting NGO). Then he paints a Jewish star on his face and dons a necklace with a Jewish star. Safadi cleverly shows these to be the affectations Mizrahim must adopt to become part of the Israeli Ashkenazi mainstream. They are the symbols of separation and hate which divide them from their own Arab roots.

At the confrontation at the beach, where the Mizrahim take out their clubs and prepare to beat the Palestinians, Safadi begins to lecture them about their second-class status. Instead of assaulting them, the Mizrahi street-toughs absorb the lesson and even shrink from the truths the singer reveals to them. But the real kicker is the last word of the last line. The last lines of the previous stanzas each referred to Israel as a racist state. But in that very last line, Safadi pulls a switch. Instead of referring to Israel he ends with the words, “the land of Palestine.” This shocks the toughs even more than the lecture they’d been previously given by Safadi. The two camps, the Mizrahim and Palestinians, seem to be frozen at these shocking words. It’s a stand-off. It’s not clear whether a real riot will ensue. At this point, the video ends and you don’t find out how it was resolved. Which is a perfect ending that fits the current situation in Israel-Palestine.

A word on the phrase, “it’s hard to be an Arab.” Given Safadi’s brilliant subversive skills, I’m certain he knows the Yiddish phrase from which this originates: T’iz shver zu zein a Yid (“it’s hard to be a Jew”). It is a saying meant to encapsulate hundreds of years of Jewish suffering, but specifically the suffering of European Jewry in the 19th and 20th centuries. It speaks of pogroms, massacres, blood libels, inquisitions, holocausts. It speaks of poverty, prejudice and second-class status. Of Sholem Aleichem and Tevye. It speaks of religious hatred. All the things that Palestinians (and Mizrahim) suffer in contemporary Israel.

The brilliance of this is its appropriation of the suffering of the Ashkenazi Jews, and then turning it back as a mirror upon itself. […]

Make no mistake: there is a price to be paid for such clarity and fearlessness. Palestinian artists do not enjoy the liberty of speaking their minds and being free to go about the rest of their business unmolested. No, the very Ashkenazim he takes on fight back; and they do so with a vengeance.

In 2010, Safadi performed the song, The Search, which contained the ironic lyrics:

“I’m a terrorist, but I have no explosive belt around by waist
I have no bomb under my arm, no machine gun on my shoulder
I’m a soldier in the army of conscience
I’ll shoot you with bullets of poetry
I’ll assassinate you with a monologue
I’ll commit suicide with the bomb of a dance troupe and I’ll torture you with the beat of drums”

Any high school literature student could parse this and understand that it is meant metaphorically and ironically. But not the far-right settlers. They deliberately mistranslated the lyrics:

“I’m a proud Arab, a suicide bomber
I will murder your mother and your sister too.”

Apparently, irony is not the strong suit of Israel’s fascist class. But just to be safe, they mangle the lyrics with literalness. It took four years before the Israeli judicial system finally cleared Safadi of any wrongdoing. And it did so only after he sued the State demanding to be declared not guilty of any crime. Reluctantly and begrudgingly, it conceded his point.

This is what it’s like to be an “Arab” in Israel. Always a suspect. Always an enemy. Always feared and hated.

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New Aussie Film on Ukraine Civilian Bombings: a PR Disaster for The US / EU

Russia Insider | August 19, 2015

One of the more extraordinary aspects of the Ukraine war has been the brutal war crimes committed against civilians, by and large exclusively by one side: Kiev.

No less extraordinary has been the refusal of the western media to cover this story, thereby leaving most people in the West simply unaware of the extent of the horrors being perpetrated in their name, funded and cheered on by their leaders. Most of the politicians are as misled as the general populace because they also get their facts from the media.

This situation has always struck us here at RI as a political time bomb waiting to go off, because the story is just too big, too ugly, too heart-breaking, and too widespread to be swept under the rug, and there are too many outlets happy to cover it – Russian state media for starters, but also the enormous alternative media. It was just waiting for the right voice and the right tragic personal story to relate, the Rosa Parks of Donbas.

That voice might well be a young Australian amateur filmmaker named Chris Nolan who has been posting excellent short films to Youtube for over a year now, describing the Kiev revolution (Maidan), and the ensuing war.

Nolan is a musician in a rock band in Brisbane who makes the films in his free time using footage he finds on the internet.

Anna Tuv: lost her husband, daughter and arm to Ukraine shell

In his latest film, he tells the story of Anna Tuv who has become a hero in the global anti-Kiev community and in Russia. Tuv lost her husband, two children, and her arm when her house was shelled.  She is just one of thousands who suffered similar horrors. Her personal story has become a symbol of the insane criminality being pushed by Kiev, and indirectly by Obama, Merkel and Cameron.

Watch the trailer, it is very well done.

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Ben Swann: Origin of ISIS

In this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action.

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LAPD Holds Pregnant Woman at Gunpoint in Case of Mistaken Identity

By Carlos Miller | PINAC | August 15, 2015

LAPD-truck2In another case of mistaken identity that could have turned deadly, Los Angeles police held a pregnant woman at gunpoint while ordering her out of her pickup truck, making her walk to the middle of street with her hands in the air and yelling at her to get down on her knees.

LAPD said they were in fear for their lives because the woman, who is due to give birth next week, was driving a truck matching the description of a truck driven by a murder suspect.

They said that because the woman’s truck had dark, tinted windows, they were unable to determine if it was being driven by the man they were seeking or if it just happened to be one of almost six million registered vehicles in Los Angeles County that were not connected to the suspect.

The incident, which took place Thursday, was captured on video from an NBC L.A. news helicopter hovering overhead.

The video shows about a dozen cops training their guns on the woman as well as another female passenger who was also ordered out while they all remained behind their patrol cars in the name of “officer safety.”

The video also shows both the driver side and passenger side windows either open or without tints, but we don’t see the initial stop, which may have shown the windows closed  – not that dark tints should excuse them for violating the woman’s rights like that.

However, they’ve already learned that they can shoot up a truck in a case of mistaken identity and not face charges.

After all, it was only in 2013 that LAPD cops shot up a truck driven by two women after claiming it matched the description of a truck being driven by a whistleblower cop turned cop killer named Chris Dorner.

Dorner had been driving a gray Nissan Titan. The women had been driving a blue Toyota Tacoma.

So naturally police began fearing for their lives, which is why they opened fire on the Tacoma, driven by a 47-year-old daughter, accompanied by her 71-year-old mother, both of them delivering newspapers in a residential neighborhood.

Margie Carranza and her mother, Emma Hernandez, ended up receiving a $4.2 million settlement.  The cops ended up on paid desk duty for a while before returning to the streets.

Moments after that shooting, a Torrance police officer shot up another pickup truck thinking it was Dorner’s truck, but that was also a different make and color and driven by a man named David Perdue who looked nothing like Dorner. He ended up receiving a $1.8 million

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck determined the eight cops who left Carranza’s truck with more than 102 bullets violated department policy, but said he was not allowed to disclose what, if any, discipline they may receive because a state law protects cops’ personnel files from public eyes.

So with that type of job security, it is no wonder LAPD officers tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

LAPD have not released the name of the murder suspect they were seeking, who they say is also responsible for several burglaries in the area, nor the make and model of his truck, not that it would make a difference to them as we saw in the Dorner incidents.

The women, who also had two kids in the back seat of the truck, were released after police determined they were not the murder suspect. They are probably also eligible for a settlement.

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Opposition Demonstrators Shoot, Injure 11 Ecuadorean Officials

teleSUR | August 16, 2015

Ecuador’s Armed Forces revealed via a tweet that 11 soldiers and police officers were injured Saturday after being attacked with live ammunition as they attempted to clear an illegal roadblock in the Amazonian province of Morona Santiago.

The roadblock had been set up as part of opposition protests against the government of elected president Rafael Correa. Officials confirmed that six people had been arrested as a result.

On Saturday, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa criticized the organizers of the opposition demonstrations for their role in promoting violence, which resulted in more than 80 police and several journalists being injured.

Ecuador’s capital was rocked by violent protests Thursday which formed part of what a segment of the indigenous movement and opposition-aligned trade unions were calling an “uprising” and “work stoppage.”

Government supporters classified Thursday’s protests as an effort to destabilize the democratically-elected government.

Despite various opposition groups coming together, those opposed to the government failed in their objective to oust the government, which President Correa classified Aug. 13 as “historic” victory for the country’s democracy.

Correa expressed dismay at the violence exhibited by opposition demonstrators during his weekly television program broadcast from the province of Imbabura.

“I’ve never seen them so violent, so aggressive,” declared Correa, adding that “those who used violence will be punished with the full rigor of the law.”

The president reserved some of his harshest criticisms for leaders of opposition indigenous organizations, who despite previous assurances that the action would be peaceful and was not aimed at ousting the government, participated in inciting the violence.

Ecuarunari president Carlos Perez was caught on camera encouraging protesters to storm the plaza where government supporters had gathered. Responding to this call, opposition demonstrators — including the Governor of Zamora, Salvador Quishpe — violently attacked police, who endured attacks with sticks, poles, steel barricades, fireworks, and firebombs.

Quishpe, who was seen attacking police lines using the barricades, became covered in soot from the burning tires placed in front of police by demonstrators. The opposition politician subsequently claimed that he been beaten by police.

President Correa also heavily criticized the logic of the organizers of Thursday’s actions, saying the shutting down highways only harmed ordinary Ecuadoreans instead of causing harm to the government.

Correa blasted statements from protest organizers Jorge Herrera of the Conaie Indigenous group and Perez of Ecuarunari. Herrera called on the National Assembly to withdraw a series of proposed constitutional amendments currently under discussion, while Perez demanded Correa resign – despite the fact that Correa maintains high levels of popular support.

The leaders warned they would continue their protests and threatened to escalate their actions if their demands were not met.

“This president does not accept blackmail from anyone,” said Correa responded.

Correa criticized the hypocrisy of right-wing politicians, such as right-wing former banker Guillermo Lasso and Guayaquil mayor Jaime Nebot, who declared their support for the protests despite historically opposing the demands made by those who organized Thursday’s protests.

The president warned that these types of protests were likely to continue as part of a concerted effort to wear down the government.

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Palestine before 1948

The video contains pictures of different Palestinian cities during the 1920’s and 1930’s, before the creation of the state of israel by the zionists in 1948.

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The Buried Canadian State Connection to ISIS

Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media revisits a March 2015 scandal which exposed the direct connection between the pro-Zionist Harper regime in Ottawa and ISIS, and how the mainstream media refused to follow up on it.

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My weekend in Palestine

Robert Martin is an Australian activist who lives in Melbourne. Robert was drawn to Palestine at the commencement of Israel’s Gaza attack. Robert began to investigate what actually was happening in Palestine and couldn’t believe what he was reading. He knew he couldn’t rely on mainstream media for the truth so he decided to see for himself.

Robert had read and watched plenty of interviews and documentaries on Issues faced by both sides, including Miko Peled, Illan Pappe, Doc Jazz (Tariq Shadid) and Andrew Tucker (Christians for Israel) and the belief of the Zionist movement.

Robert knew he was in for an eye opening trip immediately after the Israeli army entered the bus he was in and asked to see his passport. After disembarking the bus he was invited to the front of the line to have his passport checked again, this shocked Robert a bit as he saw so many Palestinians in the line and he refused to push ahead in the line.

Robert made a trip to Bil’in as he had made contact with Hamde Abu Rhama and was keen to see the village in which Hamde lived. Robert was being given a quick tour of the village (it’s small as so much of its land has been taken) when he saw the truth of life under occupation. Hamde and Robert had been chasing some animals as Hamde wanted to take pictures of them and they were interrupted by soldiers. An army van came rushing down the road, stopped quickly and a few soldiers stood up and shouted they must move. This startled Robert as it was so unexpected, Robert asked the soldiers what was happening. He then was faced with an M16 being pointed straight at him as the other soldiers told him to leave.

Robert had to know more and asked some questions as to why he wasn’t allowed to be there as he was clearly away from the Apartheid Wall and clearly away from the barb wire also. The soldiers threw something in Roberts direction and it exploded with an incredibly loud noise that Robert had never experienced in his life. To the soldiers amazement and surprise Robert did not move and again questioned the soldiers. The only response Robert received was they were protecting Israel and they had rules that we must follow.

The next day Robert was having coffee and with a few people from the village when a distressed call came in explaining the soldiers were at the only play ground taking equipment. Robert saw everyone in a panic and insisted he tag along to see what was happening.

They got to the hill and were stopped by heavily armed soldiers and a truck that had a small crane on it. Robert had not been in the village of Bil’in for even 24 hours and he was again faced by the strength of the Israeli army insisting he leave with an M16 at his head. For whatever reason Robert refused and walked towards the soldiers filming with his iPhone and he asked the soldiers what they were doing. Again the soldiers told him to leave or he would be shot. He continued towards the soldiers and again asked what they were doing. There were some younger People from the village behind him watching and to his amazement they all started running a away. He saw the truck with the equipment already loaded and again demanded the soldiers give him an answer. The soldiers were taken back by Robert and his inability to be intimidated by these soldiers clearly provoking a fight. The soldiers began to retreat even though they again said if he continued they would shoot him. As they left they threw another object at him that exploded and began to smoke.

Everything Robert had read and heard about could not have prepared him for what he had just witnessed as the disregard towards the Palestinians was so blatant, how could this be?

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Keith Meisner – No Thanks Trident

No thank you Trident, Try again
Try peace, Try love, Try Understandin’
Try talking, Try listening friends
No thank you Trident, Try again

Call me anything you like, call me naive
But I’m pretty sure it’s not missiles we need
I’m pretty sure, there will be no true peace
Until all these nuclear programmes cease


Try instead of building nuclear bombs,
Try building schools, try hospitals
Try imagining how much there would be to go round
Instead of wasting one hundred billions pounds


Scotland’s voice is loud and clear,
Try friendship, try hope over fear
Try compassion, try common sense
Try thinking that peace is the best defence


You threaten others you say to stop a threat
That’s the thing that I don’t get
So come gather round people and make a stand
And rid these things from our land

No thanks Trident….…

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