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Guardian’s new low of journalistic abdication

OffGuardian | April 8, 2017

The world stands on the brink of global conflict. Nuclear war is currently a serious possibility. The US launched an attack on a Russian ally state based on completely unproven claims that it had used chemical weapons on its own people. No investigation to verify these claims has yet been undertaken. Responsible journalism needs to play an urgent part in pulling the situation back from the brink. It needs to point out the lack of data and the requirement for cool heads and rational thinking. But today, of all days, this is the Guardian’s headline.

Guardian headline April 8 2017

Again.” Could there be a more complete abdication of journalistic responsibility to question and inform? Do the Guardian editorial staff who sanctioned this offence realise they are not simply advertising their own lack of moral fibre but may also be propagandising for the end of the world, themselves and their loved ones? Or does some innate hubris make them feel immortal and invulnerable? If so, by the time they realise they were wrong it will be very much too late for all of us.

April 8, 2017 - Posted by | Fake News, Mainstream Media, Warmongering

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  1. The unquestioning western media is willingly duped. There was no Syrian CBW attack. The CBW attack was a hoax –a US fabricated psyop to produce a flimsy false-flag justification for directly supporting terrorist forces in Syria with US air power. The NATO, Israel, GCC terrorist invasion and balkanization of Syria is rapidly collapsing due to the effectiveness of Syrian, Russian and Iranian military collaboration with a secular, sovereign and democratic Syria. The only remaining way for the US to destroy Syrian independence, compel mass migration and reallocate Syria’s landbase in favour of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel is for the supporters of the terrorist insurgency to now overtly support ISIS, DAESH, AL QAEDA and AL NUSRA with air power adequate to overcome the Russian, Syrian and Iranian resistance. Evidently, the US, mostly in favour of Israel and the other investors in global terrorism, is fully prepared to start an air war over Syria with nuclear armed Russia. At some point American citizens, media willing, may find-out. The USA is however unconcerned that the covert-ops fig leaf will be removed from its full operational support for the terrorist war for the destabilization and ethnic cleansing of Syria to achieve a Greater Israel. How is this good for american citizens? Who is going to tell them? M\\

    Comment by Michael\\ | April 8, 2017 | Reply

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